Monday, 25 March 2013

And The Blog-iday Continues...

It's been 7 months and 110 blog posts since 219 came to life!


...after much thought, we've decided to extend 
our blog-iday indefinitely. 
You may hear from us once and awhile if we have something inspiring to share, but for now we won't be posting on the regular anymore.

The past several months have been the best of 
experiences on so many levels - it has been amazing 
becoming more involved in the blogging and design 
communities, and most of all, it has given us the 
opportunity to meet and be inspired by some 
truly amazing and creative people. 

That said, we have both come to feel conflicted 
in terms of finding time for all that we have going 
on including our very young families :).

We really both feel as though we need to invest a lot more 
time into the blog, which is unfortunately not 
something we have in abundance these days.  

Christine will be focusing her efforts on 
continuing to build the shop and with  
One King's Lane as a vintage and market finds vendor.

Our heartfelt thank you to all of our readers 
for your support and for all the encouraging emails and comments 
we've received. 

Please please keep in touch! We are both always available 
on our 219 emails:


And would love to hear from you!!


Sarah & Christine



  1. Thank you so much for your past blogs. I was an avid fan, and I was inspired by the way you were able to bring together the best of the best, the classiest, the edgiest, and the most fun to present to your readers.

    Enjoy your time with your young families, and I will continue to check in at Shop 219 regularly. I am still hoping get a look at those velvet pillows...

  2. Oh I'm so bummed but totally understand. I wish I had found you guys earlier but I guess that is the beauty of the blog archives. Good luck with life and all your endeavors. I'll check in with the shop regularly.

  3. Best of luck Christine and Sarah! I'm not in the same position as yourselves {meaning, no kids - just yet}, but I completely understand and respect your choice for a permanent blogation. It's amazing how much time and effort a blog absorbs, and I can only imagine how difficult that would be on top of having a young family.

    Please do pop back every once in a while as you both have mad style and I enjoy creeping it so.

    xx Alex

  4. im continuing to check back to see if you girls are back at it again. im missing your dose of different, in a world that is all the same. COME BACK PLEASE :)