Monday, 11 March 2013

Monday Motivation via Marrakech!!

There is so much design goodness out there that 
we sadly become a bit immune to it all.

 So I get especially excited when I find something 
that I loooove that I haven't seen before like 
I did yesterday when I came across these fabulous 
pom pom throws from Marrakech!!

They are available in these saturated tones...

or these neutrals...

... and I'm kinda in love with them all!! 

I am seriously considering the yellow one for 
my 4 year old son's room, and so many of the others
 would be in-credible in a more sophisticated space.

Love their boho vibe. 

Makes me think of spaces like this bedroom 
- one of Sarah's and my favourites.

...and this...

...and even this.


I'm thinking that I might love to carry these in the shop!!
Would love your opinion - what think you??

Christine xoxo


  1. ADORE the neutral ones- might need one actually. I swear, I find something I need/want every single time I come over here- you girls are dangerous for my pocket book!

  2. Do it. Those throws are incredible, and I love anything with tassels / pom poms.

    1. Thanks for the input Alex!

      I know, I go crazy for all things tassel/pom!!

  3. Replies
    1. Crazy week - sorry just responding now Bethany :).

      Not 100% sure yet, but it looks like the queen size would be just under $300 and the king size a wee bit more.

      Happy St. P's!