Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wednesday Wall Wonders

We all know the importance of the little 
things to transform a space, and how you decide 
to treat your walls is one of those very key elements.

It's an especially weighty decision given that 
there is SO much wall wonder to choose from and given 
that papers can pack a lot of punch, 
I always feel that they need to be used carefully 
and sparingly!

So following we present a few of the papers that have 
us preoccupied as of late!!

1. Rose Cummings: Cheryl in Pink on Yellow
via House Beautiful

Rose Cummings, of course, is also the brilliance 
behind Zebrine, one of my forever faves, but I also 
adore this stunning blush print!

2. Quadrille Arbre de Matisse Reverse

Another long-time favourite and classic and love 
the layering here in the kitchen of Tory Burch. 

3. Osborne and Little Trifid

But above all the rest, I am recently completely 
enamoured with Osborne and Little's Trifid.

So bold. So masculine. So distinguished. And a classic.
Enamoured would be understating.

Somewhere, somehow, I need to use this pattern even 
if it is only vicariously through a client (MF - if you're reading this, this means you!! ;).



I always love to see what Sarah's got on the 
design mind, and as always, she doesn't disappoint 
in this case!! 

A few of her amazing picks:


1. Phillip Jeffries Lacquered Collection

2. Cuff Home Colorblock

3. Osborne and Little Volte Face

Happy hump day friends - will visit again soon!!

Sarah and Christine xoxo

Monday, 25 February 2013


This past weekend I stumbled upon THE most stunning pillows I've EVER seen! I literally dreamt about them that night - I know that's weird, but if we're being honest...

They're from the fabulous shop Cleobella

...which carries some pretty amazing handcrafted bags and accessories!

A find like this completely deserves a post all of it's own, and that is exactly what's happening.

Cue pillow heaven...

The mixture of tassels, studs and messy leather is perfection!!! I don't think I could ever find a pillow that is a better representation on my own personal style. Looooove it to bits!

Now, to figure out the not so wonderful price tag... 

One can dream, right?

Check them out here

Happy Monday!


Friday, 22 February 2013

Shop 219 Favourite Things - Oly Studio

All kinds of exciting has been happening 
on the shop front, including our new website 
as well as some amazing new lines that will be 
added to our collection in the very near future!!

Stay tuned, and come by and check it all out: 

This week, we added some of our favourite products 
from Oly to the website, which has inspired this 
OBoard of some of 219's favourite things... 

Until next week, wishing you all a most wonderful weekend!

Christine xoxo

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Good Morning!...
or Afternoon/Evening!

I'm trying to decide on plans for a few rooms around here and I'm feeling very unmotivated and stuck, so I'd love to hear any of your opinions!

I had an initial vision for our master bedroom, but I've moved some of the pieces I planned on using to other areas of our home so now I'm semi back to the drawing board. 

These are the night tables that I basically built the room around because I'm so obsessed...

Ahhhh, they're sooooooo good! 
BUT.. they are definitely not cheap! 

I randomly bought this pair of vintage nigh stands a few months ago because they were crazy cheap. They're a great scale and in good condition.

So now I'm debating if I should just use them instead of splurging on the above (or having someone make something similar). The problem lies in that they definitely have an asian flair which messes with my initial vision.

Any thoughts on if I should use them or how to make them work?

(I basically have something similar to all pieces in this board - minus the rugs and the table lamp) 

Note: Our bedroom is extremely wide so I think in order to get a rug that fits the room I'm going to have to use two 8x10's to avoid paying custom prices.


I'm also trying to figure out our Play/Family Room, which on any given day looks something like this...

I've been thinking about this forever and am really struggling with furniture pieces/placement due to  all the windows. The last few weeks I've been feeling something like this...

a little marble wallpaper action

or a little colour


(Still working on pieces - this is just some of what I have already)

Hope you're having a fabulous day!


Monday, 18 February 2013

Around here: Shop and Home Updates

Morning folks, and Happy Family Day to 
those of you in our neck of the woods!

Hope you all had a fab weekend - it has been 
a very design productive one around here, 
and I'm gonna share...

To start, at long last, I chose the fixtures 
for above my island. 

The island is a biggie - just measured, and it's 
about 12.5 feet long, so I needed to choose pendants proportionate in size.

I decided on these babies - the Goodman Hanging 
Pendant from Visual Comfort.

Hard to gauge from the photo, but these pendants 
are mucho biggo in scale. 

Melanie Turner Interiors


On the shop front, we are very close to starting 
production on the second in our velvet pillow collection, 
which is exciting me to no end!

The collection of course started with Christine's 
amazing tiger toss and next in line will 
be our velvet lumbars in some fabulous  
saturated Schumacher velvets, like this...

And this.

And this, this and this:

The lumbar is my favourite of all those in the 
pillow kingdom, and the longer the better!!

I've decided on the measurements and have been busy 
sourcing a manufacturer to produce the inserts.

The size will be something like this:

Cannot wait. 

And speaking of velvet, I also paid some attention this 
weekend to my neglected little vintage brass stool...

...and am really liking the looks of this little velvet number. 

It may look like a blue in the photo, but it's actually 
more of a dark teal-green, a colour which I'm loving these days.

Of course, I tried a bunch of blush/pink varieties, 
but I'm trying to stay away from the usual suspects 
this time around.

That and a little sheepskin toss, 
and I think we're good to go :).
Auskin Sheepskin Longwool Rug

And how in-credible is this black pelt!!!!

This would be SOOO fabulous draped over a sofa 
- I'm definitely gettin' me an idea ;)!!
Auskin Sheepskin Longwool Rug

And with that friends I best be off as my little 
boyo has just set up camp in his sleeping bag 
by my feet - and since he's being so subtle ;)...

See you later alligators!

Christine xoxo 

Friday, 15 February 2013

Pretty Perfect Pad: Hallways

It's time for another PPP...

and we're talking hallways!


I crave a good, long, interesting hallway in my home. 
Maybe it's because I don't really have one in our house, but there's just something about them that I love. 

And I know the above one is more of a vestibule, but you get the idea.

I really like the idea of having bookshelves/shelving on either side of the walls. 


This next hallway remains one of my all-time favourite!

Where it's lacking in space, it more than makes 
up in style - ebony herringbone, blush walls, 
and a collection of gilt mirrors - perfectly stunning!!


Frances Elkins
And lastly, like Sarah, love love the idea of 
bookshelves in the hallway!


Happiest of weekends friends!

Until Monday,

Sarah and Christine

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy V-Day

Happy Valentine's Day lovers!

Hope it's filled with lots of LOVE, and possibly a little candy or chocolate!


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Inspired By...

So, I'm getting a little annoyed at the pace things are going on the home front (partially my fault for being indecisive). I'm in limbo right now waiting for a few things to arrive/happen and that equals a bored me and zero pics for the blog!

This gives me plenty of time to be searching pinterest and other sources for those few and very far between pictures that inspire and create ideas. Although half the time I can't even say what it is about a photo - and it often doesn't make sense - I still know the second I see it....

Periwinkle and Unicorns...

Of course the head sculpture of Kelly Wearstler's is always inspiring, but it was the life-size version of her brass kaleidoscope (in the background) that really caught my eye...

Something about this bedroom. Mainly the bed + linens + drapes...

And if/when my husband ever gets office space, this white brick brass lettering needs to happen. The decor wheels are already spinning... *sigh*