Friday, 1 February 2013

Commercial Chic

Friends! It's Friday!! 

Good week? Hope so and that you have 
plans for a fabulous weekend!

We will be having another w/e on the down 
low because round II of the cold/flu has 
made it's way to our home!!


Honestly, what the, what the!! 

Up until now, we've been pretty lucky, 
but that horseshoe has long since sailed. 

Doesn't help that there has been like a 40 degree 
spread in the temp over the past week. Oh Canada! 

But anyhoo, on to much more pleasant thoughts 
and in particular some of my very favourite 
commercial interiors beginning with the classic
and oh so fab Greenbrier!!

Ring ring bucket list.

Greenbrier Hotel

Teller's Bar and Brasserie
Corinthian Club, Glasgow, Scotland

I would pretty much be happy having a drink on a 
beautiful porter chair on a street corner, 
so you can just imagine...

This is beyond the beyond the beyond the beyond...

Raleigh Hotel, Miami

As is this pool, although all I can think of is how this 
would somehow translate into a great design for a pelmet!

American Restaurant, Kansas City

Came across this pic in the Sadie + Stella archives, 
and it was apparently taken in the 70's. 

Doesn't it just highlight how good design endures?!

Honestly, it's spaces such as these that renew 
my love for design. Brilliant.

Lyford Cay, Bahamas

And I simply must make my way here one of these days.

This room full of palms and beautiful 
Quadrille prints is un-believ-a-bal!  

Tom Scheerer
London is clearly where it's at when it comes 
to lounges and nightspots!

Artesian Bar 
Langham, London

David Collins
LouLou's London

And of course, what discussion of hotel chic would be 
complete without KW's design of the 
Viceroy hotels, including this one in Miami.

Just so darn much to love!!

Until next week lovelies, 
happy w/e, happy dreaming!! 

Big ol' hugs to you!

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  1. Love all your picks. I'm dying to see a KW property and that restaurant in Kansas City is to die for. I wonder if it still looks like that? - Brandy