Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Good Morning!...
or Afternoon/Evening!

I'm trying to decide on plans for a few rooms around here and I'm feeling very unmotivated and stuck, so I'd love to hear any of your opinions!

I had an initial vision for our master bedroom, but I've moved some of the pieces I planned on using to other areas of our home so now I'm semi back to the drawing board. 

These are the night tables that I basically built the room around because I'm so obsessed...

Ahhhh, they're sooooooo good! 
BUT.. they are definitely not cheap! 

I randomly bought this pair of vintage nigh stands a few months ago because they were crazy cheap. They're a great scale and in good condition.

So now I'm debating if I should just use them instead of splurging on the above (or having someone make something similar). The problem lies in that they definitely have an asian flair which messes with my initial vision.

Any thoughts on if I should use them or how to make them work?

(I basically have something similar to all pieces in this board - minus the rugs and the table lamp) 

Note: Our bedroom is extremely wide so I think in order to get a rug that fits the room I'm going to have to use two 8x10's to avoid paying custom prices.


I'm also trying to figure out our Play/Family Room, which on any given day looks something like this...

I've been thinking about this forever and am really struggling with furniture pieces/placement due to  all the windows. The last few weeks I've been feeling something like this...

a little marble wallpaper action

or a little colour


(Still working on pieces - this is just some of what I have already)

Hope you're having a fabulous day!



  1. Can you take the legs off of the night stands and have a similar base built before painting them all white? They seem to have relatively similar lines. . . The marble wallpaper is killer, and much more neutral if you change your mind.

    Maggie S.

  2. If taking the legs off is not an option, I bet just painting them white would tone down the Asian lines. It would still be there but more muted. You could at least try before splurging however the real deal is amazing. I like the marble wallpaper but if it is play room sometimes then a shot of color would be nice.

  3. Thanks ladies! I do love the marble paper - rolls of it are sitting in my garage right now waiting to be used so I guess it's the most logical choice! I'm not sure how easily the bases could be taken off the nightstands because they appear to be part of the whole thing... I'm thinking I might have to go a different direction with the room but I've been warming up to a maybe more boho chic feel so we'll see! Thanks for your advice :)

  4. I love the vintage nightstands best! I would lacquer or gloss white the top part and either do the same to the legs or gold leaf the legs. I think that would look fab! I think it would be a shame to cut off those legs. I think the all white or white and gold combo would tone down the chinoiserie effect.


  5. I say take the base off the nightsands and put a gold leafed plinth in its place. And as much as I adore pink, I have to go with that marble wallpaper...I've been obsessing over it for ages- love!