Monday, 11 February 2013

Art & Display

So, I'm about to tackle the long black hallway
I recently had repainted and am in heavy 
contemplation about the myriad options for this 
great big blank canvas of mine!!

I remain completely enamoured with a salon-style 
grouping, and there is much to inspire!

This space and grouping is one of my favourites. 

via Elle Decor

Love the black, white + gold combo against 
the saturated blue lacquer.

Feels very Manhattan.

And although very traditional, I love the 
density of this arrangement in the home of 
Charlotte Moss.

Charlotte Moss

She is my definite reference point for 
this kind of arrangement 'cause she nails it every time!!

This is so fabulous.

Although her spaces are very traditional, 
the impact of her wall arrangements definitely distinguish.

Speaking of distinguished...


No-fail black and gold combo:

via Lonny

The mix:

Miles Redd

And two pieces that I MUST include in the mix:

1 - Some kinda rendition of the Rorschach 
and preferably in gold.

Andy Warhol: Rorschach

2 - And something along the lines of the 
high-gloss gold framed number in this 
drop-dead dining space!!

via Elle Decor

Similar to the shot of the solid white canvas 
framed in gold, I love the idea of a framed solid 
in a fabulous brass frame.

I know one thing for sure and that is that neither 
of these pieces are DIY; that said, I'm thinkin' 
that something along these lines could maybe work!

Now, off to drive myself absolutely mad trying 
to decide on my favourite configuration ;).

via Pinterest

Happy Monday friends!


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  1. I'm quite sure that whatever you do with all this fabulous art will be just that...FABULOUS! Can't wait to see:)