Monday, 18 February 2013

Around here: Shop and Home Updates

Morning folks, and Happy Family Day to 
those of you in our neck of the woods!

Hope you all had a fab weekend - it has been 
a very design productive one around here, 
and I'm gonna share...

To start, at long last, I chose the fixtures 
for above my island. 

The island is a biggie - just measured, and it's 
about 12.5 feet long, so I needed to choose pendants proportionate in size.

I decided on these babies - the Goodman Hanging 
Pendant from Visual Comfort.

Hard to gauge from the photo, but these pendants 
are mucho biggo in scale. 

Melanie Turner Interiors


On the shop front, we are very close to starting 
production on the second in our velvet pillow collection, 
which is exciting me to no end!

The collection of course started with Christine's 
amazing tiger toss and next in line will 
be our velvet lumbars in some fabulous  
saturated Schumacher velvets, like this...

And this.

And this, this and this:

The lumbar is my favourite of all those in the 
pillow kingdom, and the longer the better!!

I've decided on the measurements and have been busy 
sourcing a manufacturer to produce the inserts.

The size will be something like this:

Cannot wait. 

And speaking of velvet, I also paid some attention this 
weekend to my neglected little vintage brass stool...

...and am really liking the looks of this little velvet number. 

It may look like a blue in the photo, but it's actually 
more of a dark teal-green, a colour which I'm loving these days.

Of course, I tried a bunch of blush/pink varieties, 
but I'm trying to stay away from the usual suspects 
this time around.

That and a little sheepskin toss, 
and I think we're good to go :).
Auskin Sheepskin Longwool Rug

And how in-credible is this black pelt!!!!

This would be SOOO fabulous draped over a sofa 
- I'm definitely gettin' me an idea ;)!!
Auskin Sheepskin Longwool Rug

And with that friends I best be off as my little 
boyo has just set up camp in his sleeping bag 
by my feet - and since he's being so subtle ;)...

See you later alligators!

Christine xoxo 


  1. I have been waiting anxiously for the velvet pillows. Hurry! My living room and I cannot wait!!!!

  2. I love your lighting choice and the sheepskins are great. I have several and want more but don't want to be known as the "sheepskin lady". - Brandy

  3. You know those velvet pillows are making me crazy- can't WAIT!