Friday, 22 February 2013

Shop 219 Favourite Things - Oly Studio

All kinds of exciting has been happening 
on the shop front, including our new website 
as well as some amazing new lines that will be 
added to our collection in the very near future!!

Stay tuned, and come by and check it all out: 

This week, we added some of our favourite products 
from Oly to the website, which has inspired this 
OBoard of some of 219's favourite things... 

Until next week, wishing you all a most wonderful weekend!

Christine xoxo


  1. Love all the Oly goodness...I just noticed the other day that they also have a pedestal in their collection- very exciting! Adore your board!!!

  2. I love everything that Oly Studio has to offer. I just bought a few new pieces of theirs from Mecox Gardens. They have good prices and I love all the styles and designs they have in their stores and online.

    1. Hey Norma, and thanks so much for connecting!

      So exciting that you're getting some new pieces from Oly. Not sure if you've ever checked out our shop, but we also carry the full line of Oly Studio amongst some other collections that we also love!

      If you have a chance to check it out, our site is: .

      Best, Christine