Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday Files // Two Things

So today is a little mix of two things I love...

First off, let's talk about the colour pink. As much as the feminine side of me loves the soft version of this shade, I am personally so draw to the more bold choice. Magenta, hot pink, bright pink, raspberry.. whatever you want to call it - I love it!

I was immediately draw to this lovely master suite from Elle Decor, designed by Kelly Behun for Ivanka Trump. I know this picture has been floating around the blog world recently so it's nothing new to some of you, but I don't think I've ever seen a bedroom that is more me - so naturally I had to pay tribute!


The white lacquer console and brass benches at the foot of the bed are some of my favourite aspects of this space - the bedside tables and fur throw are also completely stunning. And of course we have the lovely artwork with that perfect pop of pink. 
I need to replicate this for my own ASAP!

A few other samples of this colour love...


That bench. Pink velvet + tufting + brass = heart stolen! 
So perfectly paired with the soft pink walls of Alina Cho's Midtown apartment.

And this door..

Not sure who's it is, but that is a pink door done right!

The second thing up for discussion today is the curved couch. 
I have recently become more obsessed with this idea after seeing this amazing bedroom designed by Lee Ledbetter. I find couches a hard thing for me - I don't often see any I completely love, but this one is fabulous. Paired with those sleek white modern chairs and it's a winning combo in my books!

Another great example is from the exact same home..

And of course there is the blue velvet stunner for Elle Decor


Just couldn't get these two things off my mind so I thought I'd share. 
Have a fabulous friday! I for one am quite happy it is the weekend!!


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sarah's Picks

I've been feeling under the weather the last week and the past day or two my neck has been unbelievably brutal. Sitting at the computer isn't exactly the ideal therapy for this sort of thing so excuse the lacking post. 
I've decided to put together our first of many "Bloggers Picks" post featuring all the things I covet at the moment. It will be short, but hopefully it's ever so sweet!

That DVF rug will never ever be happening with it's price-tag, but I can only imagine how glamorous it would make any room feel. 
I'm completely obsessed with those bedside tables too - I can't get enough of them!


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Flight Envy

Don't know what it is, but I'm all about the birds these days.

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful

It all started with my beloved vintage parrot, 
and it's been full on infatuation ever since. 

(Fair warning - I told you you'd be seeing more of this little fella.)

There he is again as part of a beautiful collection of "oiseau-erie" - so elegant!!

Mary McDonald for Veranda
And I know it's a wee bit early, but Dear Santa, 
how 'bout those birds on Mary McDonald's mantle?!

Does it get any more gorgeous than Aerin Lauder's dressing room?! 

Aerin Lauder's Dressing Room in Elle Decor
Never mind the dead stunning brass z desk, 
but the Gracie wallpaper with the birds is breathtaking.

Of course, Gracie and de Gournay are replete with inspiration for anyone bird-struck...

de Gournay
de Gournay

The ubiquitous Domino de Gournay cover...


I love Celerie Kemble's more contemporary interpretation 
in this living room where the super-sized peacock 
so beautifully balances the stunning green shade she uses elsewhere in the room.

Celerie Kemble

And just check out what the cat dragged in - ahhhh - the girls at Palm Beach Regency never disappoint. Italian porcelain parrot lamp - oh how I'm trying to justify...

With thoughts of the upcoming holidays, I'm loving the use of the brass pheasant 
on Eddie Ross' Thanksgiving tablescape.

Eddie Ross for Lonny Mag

Mary McDonald
Another exquisite holiday tablescape...

Yup, I need to find me some wings ;).

P.S. You can expect to find some "oiseau-erie" 
in the 219 Boutique holiday collection coming soon! 

And you can check out our Pinterest site for more pics of 
our bird collection available through 219!

C. xo

Monday, 24 September 2012

The Closet Story

I loooooove clothes, jewellery, purses - basically fashion in general. I think I might have to say it's my first love - but interior design is definitely a close second (aside from my two little men and hubby of course!). When they are both done well it just feels right. So naturally finishing my closet is the best of both worlds for me. 
I've been trying to decide on what to do with our master bedroom for some time now, but I'm still a little up in the air on that front, so I've decided to dream up some ideas on the closet instead. 
Here is what we are starting with...

We have a large window on the right to work with. 
Yes, my husband does have some room - he's got the wall to the right that you can't see - and yes, it's roughly a quarter what I have.

Some simple mood board action of what I've been thinking about...

Idea #1
Light:JonathanAdler/Ceiling Medallion:HomeDepot/ Settee:1stdibs/Mirror:Vintage/Rug:ecowhides/Pillows:Kelly Wearstler fabric/Table:Style in Form
Idea #2

Some clothing racks along the window for extra storage - love the look of these in dressing rooms!


And if someone could find/make me that exact pink skirted Ottoman I would be forever grateful. I'm hugely obsessed!

A classic, Jenna Lyons closet. You could never go wrong with this look.

...and idea #3
Light:JonathanAdler/Settee:1stdibs/Rug:rugsusa/Fabric:Kelly Wearstler

I'm loving all of these, or some mixture of the three. Now, to find myself a vintage brass cheval mirror...

Enjoy your Monday Funday!

Friday, 21 September 2012

The Friday Files

Such an amazing second week for 219 - wow!

So much going on - had the best time doing Style in 7 and connecting with Christine, and we're busy busy over here getting the Boutique ready to go. We're also starting on a very amazing little project for a custom collection for 219. Mum's the word for the moment, 
but we are EXCITED!!!

So today marks the first of our "Friday Files" series that 
we'll be doing to close off each week! 
The posts will be a little smorgasbord of all things (not necessarily design) 
that are making our hearts flutter as well as some randoms.

Today, Sarah has put together the most fabulous little outfit! Here's what she has to say:


I can't believe summer is over and winter is coming - I hate winter! In Canada that literally means you never walk outside again for the next 6 months - 
okay, maybe I'm slightly over exaggerating...

In the spirit of the cooler weather mother nature is bringing our way, I thought I'd put a little outfit of loveliness together - a nod to my personal style and the colours of my home, minus the mint - I have pink - but mint is good... love me some mint.

Sweater:Rebecca Taylor/Pants:Rag&Bone/Sunglasses:Stella McCartney/Scarf:Balmain/Bag:YSL/Sneakers:BE & D
And no we do not promote guns on this site, but those shoes are seriously too amazing!
Happy Friday, xo


* Just a wee note re: Sarah's post. She actually dresses like that! So whereas I come outside wearing what I like to refer to as my "Mama uniform", which consists largely of a variety of black leggings, comfy jeans and baggy mismatching tops, 
Sarah breezes out looking like all that! 

And what's crazy is that I know she doesn't even try! 
I've enlisted her as my new style consultant (read: she's bringing me to Zara), 
and hopefully I can do a little redo of the wardrobe. 

Speaking of which, Sarah is working on a post for next week featuring 
her most incredible closet. You've got to see it!

Elle Decor


Also wanted to say a huge thank you to Patricia and Dawn at Palm Beach Regency 
for the mention and kind words!! 

If you haven't already, you must check out their site as they have the most fabulous collection of vintage Regency pieces. Their inventory changes frequently, so check back often!! 

And P.S. They are such a pleasure to deal with!!

Kay, so last random before we sign off. My lovely Mama just got back from a trip to Russia this week and was telling me about these amazing metro stations she visited. 
How nice could they have been, I was thinking?

Ahhh, where do I get me a subway pass, and is it okay if 
I bring a few of my things and stay a while?!!

Thanks for the most fabulous week! Enjoy the w/e!!
C. xo

Thursday, 20 September 2012

A Heartfelt Thank You and 219 Boutique!!

First things first.

We want to start by thanking Christine Dovey of the fabulous 
Bijou and Boheme blog for so graciously hosting us yesterday 
for her Style in 7 series!

She's got a pretty amazing thing going on over there, 
and we were more than excited to a be a little part of that yesterday! 

We also think it's pretty incredible that Christine 
is so welcoming and supportive of newcomers, and we wish her 
all of the continued success she so deserves!!

And to the many new visitors coming through B & B 
who came to check us out - We loved loved having you 
and hope that you'll continue to join us!! 

As (B & B) Christine mentioned yesterday, we will soon be launching the 219 Boutique! 
We couldn't be more excited as this has been almost a year in the works!! 

Over the past year, we've been busy collecting (and in some cases making over) 
our favourite vintage pieces as well as sourcing what we consider to be 
some unique new pieces and artisans. 

We'll also be carrying some of our favourite existing established manufacturers - Oly for e.g. - and custom pieces that are exclusive to 219 - can't wait for the reveal :)!

Until we are officially up and running though, thought 
we'd leave you with a preview of things to come...

Oh and P.S. We'll also be carrying a holiday line. 

I'm pretty certain that I'm driving Sarah crazy with how much air time I'm giving these birds. Completely. Smitten. 

Sarah has the one on the left, and I have a collection of them in white. 
Fair warning - you haven't seen the last of 'em! 

They are from a company in Europe, 
and we'll be carrying them at 219!!

We're putting in an order this week, so e-mail us if you're interested in more info and pricing (they also come in all black, gold and other combos)!

Vintage Omega Dresser - 
my sweet baby girl (Dahlia) has one of these in her bedroom :)

Vintage Louis XVI-style chair in blush. 
What is it about pink anyway?! Gets me every time!

Vintage Thomasville faux-bamboo bar cart
(You might remember the picture we featured 
of a similar one in my living room)

Kiva Platter
Pretty in pink (and gold)and possibly the best gift ever!

Vintage Chippendale Chairs - is there anywhere 
where these don't look good!?
Striped tapers - the perfect host/hostess gift!

Vintage Regency-style chairs 

We were so happy with this find and are still talking 
about their side profile! More pics to come.

We managed to get our hands on a few of these, 
thank goodness, because I could not possibly have parted with mine!

Alison Brent Salt & Pepper Pots - 
our shipment is arriving any day now...

Pom-Pom Blanket - every room needs a little whimsy! 
Available in just about any colour you can think of.

Ahhh, we adore these! Real magnolia lacquered wreaths. 
These are truly beautiful and perfect for the holidays and beyond!

Thanks for visiting! S & C xo

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

7 Things // Guest Post

Exciting News!!!
Today we are talking about the 7 things that define our style over on the blog Bijou & Boheme!

Come check us out HERE to read our 'Style in 7' and see more of this goodness!

**And come back tomorrow for a special post about whats to come in the store!!**

C & S

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

That Pink Loveseat!

The geometric tile in C's last post has me dreaming of an entryway reno involving something equally as fabulous. It's one of those decisions I've never been too happy with and always think about switching.

While working on a post yesterday I again stumbled upon this amazing Hollywood Hills interior designed by Ruthie Sommers.

I know to some of you it's nothing new, but I think it's definitely good enough to be talked about again. 
I'm so partial to the classic black & white interiors, but never has pink looked so good to me. Those pink loveseats are beyond words, and that gold hand!! 

In my opinion you can never go wrong with a Persian rug, anywhere! And those regency benches, elephant garden stools and that brass cocktail table definitely don't hurt. This is such a great example of a perfectly blended interior. So many different styles and pieces working oh-so perfectly together.  

It must seem like we are totally obsessed with Ruthie over here! Although I thoroughly enjoy plenty of her interiors, I wouldn't necessarily chose them for my own home. This however, speaks right to my heart.