Thursday, 20 September 2012

A Heartfelt Thank You and 219 Boutique!!

First things first.

We want to start by thanking Christine Dovey of the fabulous 
Bijou and Boheme blog for so graciously hosting us yesterday 
for her Style in 7 series!

She's got a pretty amazing thing going on over there, 
and we were more than excited to a be a little part of that yesterday! 

We also think it's pretty incredible that Christine 
is so welcoming and supportive of newcomers, and we wish her 
all of the continued success she so deserves!!

And to the many new visitors coming through B & B 
who came to check us out - We loved loved having you 
and hope that you'll continue to join us!! 

As (B & B) Christine mentioned yesterday, we will soon be launching the 219 Boutique! 
We couldn't be more excited as this has been almost a year in the works!! 

Over the past year, we've been busy collecting (and in some cases making over) 
our favourite vintage pieces as well as sourcing what we consider to be 
some unique new pieces and artisans. 

We'll also be carrying some of our favourite existing established manufacturers - Oly for e.g. - and custom pieces that are exclusive to 219 - can't wait for the reveal :)!

Until we are officially up and running though, thought 
we'd leave you with a preview of things to come...

Oh and P.S. We'll also be carrying a holiday line. 

I'm pretty certain that I'm driving Sarah crazy with how much air time I'm giving these birds. Completely. Smitten. 

Sarah has the one on the left, and I have a collection of them in white. 
Fair warning - you haven't seen the last of 'em! 

They are from a company in Europe, 
and we'll be carrying them at 219!!

We're putting in an order this week, so e-mail us if you're interested in more info and pricing (they also come in all black, gold and other combos)!

Vintage Omega Dresser - 
my sweet baby girl (Dahlia) has one of these in her bedroom :)

Vintage Louis XVI-style chair in blush. 
What is it about pink anyway?! Gets me every time!

Vintage Thomasville faux-bamboo bar cart
(You might remember the picture we featured 
of a similar one in my living room)

Kiva Platter
Pretty in pink (and gold)and possibly the best gift ever!

Vintage Chippendale Chairs - is there anywhere 
where these don't look good!?
Striped tapers - the perfect host/hostess gift!

Vintage Regency-style chairs 

We were so happy with this find and are still talking 
about their side profile! More pics to come.

We managed to get our hands on a few of these, 
thank goodness, because I could not possibly have parted with mine!

Alison Brent Salt & Pepper Pots - 
our shipment is arriving any day now...

Pom-Pom Blanket - every room needs a little whimsy! 
Available in just about any colour you can think of.

Ahhh, we adore these! Real magnolia lacquered wreaths. 
These are truly beautiful and perfect for the holidays and beyond!

Thanks for visiting! S & C xo


  1. I'm literally DYING over all of it- pretty sure I NEED the dresser, pink chair (especially the chair:) and the white lamp...oh and the salt/pepper shakers too- so so gorgeous!!!

  2. LOVING everything single thing!!!!! Especially the dresser and the salt and pepper shakers!

  3. sooooooo excited to be following your blog finally! What amazing talent you both have!!! Not a single thing that isn't a super keeper! I look forward to more, more more!!!

  4. Can't wait to see more. All of these pieces are amazing and so is your blog! It must be exciting to finally see your dreams come to fruition. Congrats!