Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Flight Envy

Don't know what it is, but I'm all about the birds these days.

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful

It all started with my beloved vintage parrot, 
and it's been full on infatuation ever since. 

(Fair warning - I told you you'd be seeing more of this little fella.)

There he is again as part of a beautiful collection of "oiseau-erie" - so elegant!!

Mary McDonald for Veranda
And I know it's a wee bit early, but Dear Santa, 
how 'bout those birds on Mary McDonald's mantle?!

Does it get any more gorgeous than Aerin Lauder's dressing room?! 

Aerin Lauder's Dressing Room in Elle Decor
Never mind the dead stunning brass z desk, 
but the Gracie wallpaper with the birds is breathtaking.

Of course, Gracie and de Gournay are replete with inspiration for anyone bird-struck...

de Gournay
de Gournay

The ubiquitous Domino de Gournay cover...


I love Celerie Kemble's more contemporary interpretation 
in this living room where the super-sized peacock 
so beautifully balances the stunning green shade she uses elsewhere in the room.

Celerie Kemble

And just check out what the cat dragged in - ahhhh - the girls at Palm Beach Regency never disappoint. Italian porcelain parrot lamp - oh how I'm trying to justify...

With thoughts of the upcoming holidays, I'm loving the use of the brass pheasant 
on Eddie Ross' Thanksgiving tablescape.

Eddie Ross for Lonny Mag

Mary McDonald
Another exquisite holiday tablescape...

Yup, I need to find me some wings ;).

P.S. You can expect to find some "oiseau-erie" 
in the 219 Boutique holiday collection coming soon! 

And you can check out our Pinterest site for more pics of 
our bird collection available through 219!

C. xo

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  1. It's official...you ladies are my long lost soul sisters. I'm obsessed with all things aviary...especially in ceramic form- am the proud owner a pink cockatoo and a pair of mulit-coloured pretties. I also have panels of the DeGournay like wallpaper in my kitchen so yup...love!