Friday, 14 September 2012

Work In Progress

Lots of projects in the works at 219 which you'll hear more about soon... 
For now, here's a little glimpse into our very much unfinished homes! (We both moved in relatively recently so things are still a little chaotic.)

Isn't this piece of furniture so fabulous? (From: Sarah)

Sarah's dining room project which is close to being complete. Some marble wallpaper action will be one of the finishing touches to go up.

Happy Weekend

C & S


  1. I'm blown away by that dining room- LOVE!!! All of this is gorgeous.

  2. I just bought that sideboard from a vintage store...literally for a song and it's Epic. I'll be using it in my kitchen. I actually also own the matching china hutch which houses office supplies and binders in my office at work :) Great find Sarah!

  3. What is the size of your Jessica Rae Sommer print? Love it!

    1. Vanessa,
      It's the largest she could print - I think it's a 30x30 if I remember correctly!