Monday, 17 September 2012

There's something about Mary...

... McDonald that is.

Just when I thought I might be starting to tire of the geometrics, 
along comes Mary McDonald to change my mind.

MM's navy and pink room as featured in Veranda 
probably ranks up there 
amongst my all-time fave interiors.

A perfectly blended space. 
The classic French pieces, Quadrille lumbar, 
tufted ottoman, mirror-panelled doors, 
oh and those glorious birds on the mantle - 
I love it all! 

Mary McDonald via Veranda

But without a doubt, the icing on the cake 
(or a close second to the birds anyway!) is the graphic, 
bold geometric signature Mary McDonald floor covering. 
Perfectly stunning.

And she uses it elsewhere with equally impressive results. 

Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald

Notice how the bedroom leads into the ensuite 
where the floors have been painted in a 
pale grey chevron pattern. 
The room is grounded in traditional elements, 
and the floor simply brings them all to life!

Mary McDonald
Of course all of her spaces are pretty spectacular, 
but it's interesting how the traditional elements 
would not be nearly as compelling as they are 
when juxtaposed with the bold geometric - 
perfect lesson in balancing!

 But Mary McDonald, as we know, 
is about a lot more than her fab floors, 
so I leave you with a little more Mary 
to send you on your way. 

Mary McDonald
Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald


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  1. That last picture is of the Tides Hotel in Miami, by Kelly Wearstler, not MM