Friday, 7 September 2012

How It All Started: Two Perspectives

C: So it all started one day not too long ago when I was unloading a pair of Chinese Chippendale chairs out of the back of my truck. Sarah and I had been neighbours for the past year. While our styles were very different, I had always admired hers – she so obviously had flare.

Anyway, back to the chairs. Sarah and I both have small kiddos the same age who had already befriended one another, and so we saw one another often and also e-mailed once in a while. But the e-mail that followed that fateful day ended in something to the effect of: P.S. Couldn’t help but notice the Chippendale chairs. Are you into interior design?!?

What ensued was a bit of a flurry of e-mails, chats etc. Turns out we are both a bit design obsessed! Sarah had already started a blog of her own and I had been in the process of getting an online design business up and going.

End result is a marriage of the two – this site – our collective blog/and eventual boutique.

S: Having good neighbours are nice... 
Having good neighbours with same aged kids are great! 
Having good neighbours with same aged kids and an obsession with any and all things interior design = 219. 

I would say I'm quite observant when it comes to everyday life. I don't necessarily set out to be nosey and look in someone's windows or garage, it just happens. Especially when it comes to furniture and decor it's just second nature for me to take in those details. I often wondered what was going on in the garage next door - so much amazing furniture just sitting there waiting to be seen. I also thought it was interesting seeing a nicely displayed bar cart in the front window. Normal people just don't do bar carts. It was the day that I saw Christine unloading a pair of Chippendale chairs from her car that I'd had enough, I had to ask! Really, the rest is history. Our children don't stop talking about one another and she is completely fabulous, so why not venture into this crazy virtual world together.

Veranda Magazine

Francois Catroux in Vogue

Our hope is that this blog brings to those who join us a unique design perspective based on the coming together of our two different aesthetics.

Welcome, and thanks for visiting!
Christine & Sarah

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