Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday Files // Two Things

So today is a little mix of two things I love...

First off, let's talk about the colour pink. As much as the feminine side of me loves the soft version of this shade, I am personally so draw to the more bold choice. Magenta, hot pink, bright pink, raspberry.. whatever you want to call it - I love it!

I was immediately draw to this lovely master suite from Elle Decor, designed by Kelly Behun for Ivanka Trump. I know this picture has been floating around the blog world recently so it's nothing new to some of you, but I don't think I've ever seen a bedroom that is more me - so naturally I had to pay tribute!


The white lacquer console and brass benches at the foot of the bed are some of my favourite aspects of this space - the bedside tables and fur throw are also completely stunning. And of course we have the lovely artwork with that perfect pop of pink. 
I need to replicate this for my own ASAP!

A few other samples of this colour love...


That bench. Pink velvet + tufting + brass = heart stolen! 
So perfectly paired with the soft pink walls of Alina Cho's Midtown apartment.

And this door..

Not sure who's it is, but that is a pink door done right!

The second thing up for discussion today is the curved couch. 
I have recently become more obsessed with this idea after seeing this amazing bedroom designed by Lee Ledbetter. I find couches a hard thing for me - I don't often see any I completely love, but this one is fabulous. Paired with those sleek white modern chairs and it's a winning combo in my books!

Another great example is from the exact same home..

And of course there is the blue velvet stunner for Elle Decor


Just couldn't get these two things off my mind so I thought I'd share. 
Have a fabulous friday! I for one am quite happy it is the weekend!!


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