Friday, 21 September 2012

The Friday Files

Such an amazing second week for 219 - wow!

So much going on - had the best time doing Style in 7 and connecting with Christine, and we're busy busy over here getting the Boutique ready to go. We're also starting on a very amazing little project for a custom collection for 219. Mum's the word for the moment, 
but we are EXCITED!!!

So today marks the first of our "Friday Files" series that 
we'll be doing to close off each week! 
The posts will be a little smorgasbord of all things (not necessarily design) 
that are making our hearts flutter as well as some randoms.

Today, Sarah has put together the most fabulous little outfit! Here's what she has to say:


I can't believe summer is over and winter is coming - I hate winter! In Canada that literally means you never walk outside again for the next 6 months - 
okay, maybe I'm slightly over exaggerating...

In the spirit of the cooler weather mother nature is bringing our way, I thought I'd put a little outfit of loveliness together - a nod to my personal style and the colours of my home, minus the mint - I have pink - but mint is good... love me some mint.

Sweater:Rebecca Taylor/Pants:Rag&Bone/Sunglasses:Stella McCartney/Scarf:Balmain/Bag:YSL/Sneakers:BE & D
And no we do not promote guns on this site, but those shoes are seriously too amazing!
Happy Friday, xo


* Just a wee note re: Sarah's post. She actually dresses like that! So whereas I come outside wearing what I like to refer to as my "Mama uniform", which consists largely of a variety of black leggings, comfy jeans and baggy mismatching tops, 
Sarah breezes out looking like all that! 

And what's crazy is that I know she doesn't even try! 
I've enlisted her as my new style consultant (read: she's bringing me to Zara), 
and hopefully I can do a little redo of the wardrobe. 

Speaking of which, Sarah is working on a post for next week featuring 
her most incredible closet. You've got to see it!

Elle Decor


Also wanted to say a huge thank you to Patricia and Dawn at Palm Beach Regency 
for the mention and kind words!! 

If you haven't already, you must check out their site as they have the most fabulous collection of vintage Regency pieces. Their inventory changes frequently, so check back often!! 

And P.S. They are such a pleasure to deal with!!

Kay, so last random before we sign off. My lovely Mama just got back from a trip to Russia this week and was telling me about these amazing metro stations she visited. 
How nice could they have been, I was thinking?

Ahhh, where do I get me a subway pass, and is it okay if 
I bring a few of my things and stay a while?!!

Thanks for the most fabulous week! Enjoy the w/e!!
C. xo


  1. PS, I love your blog. Also, Sarah and I dreamt up co-ordinating outfits today:) Also, dare I ask where in Canada you live...I might jump up and down if it's close to me- xoxo

  2. What a wonderful shoe closet and as for the metro stations - amazing!

  3. I love your blogs.There are lots of women wearing accessories like sweater, mine jeans pant, Sun-glass,nail polish ,shoes and bag all of most uses women accessories. Great post and suggestion to select the products. All of them are looking amazing!!!!