Monday, 4 February 2013

Style at Home Mag Style Statement: B & B for 219 Tiger Pillow

Not gonna lie.

We were more than a bit excited to find an e-mail from 
Style at Home Magazine in our inbox a wee while back 
telling us that they were were interested in featuring 
Bijou and Boheme's tiger pillow for 219 in 
an upcoming issue!!

The tiger toss is part of 219's upcoming custom 
velvet pillow collection using Schumacher velvets 
in a variety of fabulous colour combos, and Christine's 
take on our line was the addition of this 
fabulous tiger print!

The toss measures 20" x 20" with Schumacher blush 
velvet on the back and oversized piping, 
and tiger velvet on the front.

Available through the shop!
The hugest thank you to the staff 
at Style at Home on such a fabulous spread and to 
Christine for her incredible design vision!

On stands today. Get 'em while they're hot :).

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Talk soon my friends.

Christine xoxo


  1. Replies
    1. It IS so exciting! Big congrats to you!! xo

  2. LOVE that pillow - but the price point is too high for me right now - maybe someday they'll be a coupon code or something and i can snag a few (issue is i need a few of them) ..

    1. Thanks for the feedback Erika! Something to consider for sure :).

  3. Love the pillow and Christine's home is amazing! I wonder if you can get that magazine in Nashville? It is hard copy and not just an online magazine correct? - Brandy

    1. Hey Brandy! Yes, it is a hard copy mag as well as being online. Not sure about distribution in the U.S.?

      Yes, Christine's house is unbelievable!!

      Thanks for checking in :).

  4. Saw your pillow in the latest issue of a Style at Home, way to go ladies!