Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wednesday Wall Wonders

We all know the importance of the little 
things to transform a space, and how you decide 
to treat your walls is one of those very key elements.

It's an especially weighty decision given that 
there is SO much wall wonder to choose from and given 
that papers can pack a lot of punch, 
I always feel that they need to be used carefully 
and sparingly!

So following we present a few of the papers that have 
us preoccupied as of late!!

1. Rose Cummings: Cheryl in Pink on Yellow
via House Beautiful

Rose Cummings, of course, is also the brilliance 
behind Zebrine, one of my forever faves, but I also 
adore this stunning blush print!

2. Quadrille Arbre de Matisse Reverse

Another long-time favourite and classic and love 
the layering here in the kitchen of Tory Burch. 

3. Osborne and Little Trifid

But above all the rest, I am recently completely 
enamoured with Osborne and Little's Trifid.

So bold. So masculine. So distinguished. And a classic.
Enamoured would be understating.

Somewhere, somehow, I need to use this pattern even 
if it is only vicariously through a client (MF - if you're reading this, this means you!! ;).



I always love to see what Sarah's got on the 
design mind, and as always, she doesn't disappoint 
in this case!! 

A few of her amazing picks:


1. Phillip Jeffries Lacquered Collection

2. Cuff Home Colorblock

3. Osborne and Little Volte Face

Happy hump day friends - will visit again soon!!

Sarah and Christine xoxo


  1. All glorious! I've been loving the Trifid lately too and that RC pink is fabulous. My favourite of the bunch though is that colour block one...I MUST use that somewhere- heaven!

  2. I'm loving the color block and the lacquer collection. All of these are great picks. I'm pinning to my wallpaper board as we speak!