Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Been Thinking About...

1. Marble

In any shape or form! 
It's something I never seem to tire of, and this shower/bench combo is no exception! I die for this marble slab bench + matching floor and walls. 

2. PJ's as day/evening wear

I've seen this more than a couple times and think it's a phenomenal idea. Seriously, I actually might consider this at some point. Too bad I live in a city that isn't exactly fashion forward - who really cares though, right?

3. Stark Carpet

As much as I try to forget (due to it's cost - haven't checked but I'm sure it's something fierce), their carpeting is bar-none THE best. I really need some of their geometric "beatrice" in my husbands office and I'm pretty sure I'd do anything for that leopard print carpet in my bedroom.

4. Welovekaoru Basilica Mugs

Loved them long-time. 
Think nothing would look better displayed in my kitchen then these.

5. Jil Sander FAITH clutch

I think it speaks for itself. 
This clutch is pretty fab if I do say so myself, definitely on the want list!

6. Hedgehog measuring cups

From Anthropologie, these are such a great gift idea and a cute edition to any kitchen!

7. Brass & Marble Pedestal Table

Although it's already sold, this is seriously stunning! It's the perfect alternative to the usual tulip table. 
I will definitely be remembering this if I'm ever in the market for a new table. I feel as though this could be something easily custom made if you found the right people. Mhmmmm?...

There you have it, my deep inner thoughts... ;)



  1. I love the pj's as evening wear too! I also live in a place that's non fashion forward so people just wouldn't get how fabulous it really is!


  2. That shower is amazing! Also love those silk TB pj's!

    xo Sara