Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Frugal Fabrics

So we all know (or you can probably tell) that I have expensive taste. Whenever I see a piece of furniture that makes me weak, it's pretty much a guarantee that it's over the $2000 mark if not more. And when looking for fabrics I can never seem to find anything under 200$/yard - it's a serious problem! I actually HATE spending money of things like this. There are for sure pieces for any home that I think justify the cost, but for so many it just doesn't seem worth it.

A great example would be some drapery or cushions for your living room - or whatever your central room is. I totally think it's reasonable to splurge there since it's seen by everyone and just generally worth it. However, when finishing a kids room or bathroom on a different level of the home I just can't seem to justify such high costs. I'd love to be able to plaster every room in 300$/yard fabric, but that's just not going to happen!

Pierre Frey Kubus in Or as seen in Lonny Mag. 
Sidenote: I was super obsessed until I got a sample and realized it was very brown, so now I covet the silver version (Argent) in LSD apartment that was recently in Vogue. 

I love when I find a fabric that is uber cheap and still usable in the right space with the right pieces. I stumbled across some great options from Premier Prints for under 10$/yard.. that's right people, TEN DOLLARS!! I think if mixed with the right furnishings and other more expensive items some of these could actually work!

Your standard greek key. Always good!

A fun mosaic

and in grey/pink

Some black and white graphic

a little moroccan flair

I think these could look cool as a bedskirt or headboard. It reminds me of Pacman for some reason...

I mean really, for that price you seriously can't go wrong! 

I personally am using one of their other prints for drapes in my sons room and am very excited about it. Mixed with the rest of his furniture I think it's going to work so well!

It's all about mixing cheap with expensive, and when done right you'd never know!

Anyways, off to go see some more furniture that was purchased for the shop! Loveeeee these trips!


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  1. great fabric source!! Love the black and white graphic one ... perfect on a midcentury modern chair!