Monday, 3 December 2012

Holiday Host/Hostess Gifts - 5 $50 and Under

21 days and counting!!

December 1st to me marks the official beginning 
of the holiday season, and I for one couldn't 
be happier - I adore this time of the year!!

With so many holiday functions, 
I thought I would start off our series of holiday posts 
with a selection of favourite host/hostess gifts.

1. Ornaments

I love the idea of bringing ornaments as a 
gift - either a box of beautiful balls, 
a vintage ornament, or a fabulous single.

Just as we love our interiors "collected", so too 
do we love our trees to be a culmination of the 
ornaments we've collected over the years, 
including those from friends and family, 
and I feel as though this is a host/hostess gift 
with a bit of meaning behind it. 


5. Coffee Table Book

A couple of my fave picks - Slim Aarons' latest, 
La Dolce Vita and Miles Redd's The Big Book of Chic

You may have to do a wee bit of searching to find these 
for under $50, but I think it can be done, and there are 
a whole lot of other fabulous pretty books out 
there for around the same!

3. Holiday Rosemary Tree

There's so much to love about this as a gift. 
It's simple, it's green, it's functional, it's 
amazingly fragrant, and last but not least, it really 
makes for beautiful holiday decorating!

With all of the holiday glitz, I personally like to 
keep mine as pared down as possible - a great container 
will do -  but they're also adorable with a few ornaments!

4. Olive Oil

A good bottle of olive oil is top of my list, 
and I also feel like it's a pretty safe bet all round. 

It's obviously well suited for the gourmand 
host/hostess, but it's also a great gift for those 
you don't know as well. 

It fits perfectly in a wine bag, and there are so 
many fabulous bags to choose from!

Loving the faux fur bags for the holidays!
via Elle Decor
5. PomPom Throw

Always feel a bit funny throwing in something 
from the 219 Boutique, but there's a reason 
we're carrying them - we love them! 

I've given these as gifts so many times as 
they really make such a great gift!

They're a lightweight 100% cotton blanket and 
come in a kazillion colours including this 
fabulous green - perfect for the holidays I would say :).

Happy happy Monday lovelies!!

Big hugs, Christine

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