Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I know, we're supposed to be on Holiday


I am so crazy excited. 

If you love interior design as much as I do, you know that excitement I'm talking about.

The feeling when you've found the PERFECT piece. 


You would do just about anything to own said piece.

Well, I am on that high right now!

I honestly think I'm dreaming, as this couch is quite possibly only something from my dreams. Allow me to introduce you to the Tuxedo Sofa

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than this?!?

I mean the brass legs alone make it an instant hit in my eyes! 

Naturally I had to see how it would work in my living room, so I made a little room board to feel it out...

(Lights:Circa Lighting Art:Jessica Rae Sommer Tables,Chairs:Vintage)

I think it's a done deal! Now just to figure out how to pay for this sucker and I'm good. Of course everything I love has to be SOOO expensive! 
Maybe I can sell a few handbags?!

Everything in the room I already own, minus the platner stools - which I also really really want!


Hope you're enjoying your week and that this couch has made it a little more pretty!



  1. Well all my stars. That is pure perfection. I'd gladly sell a kidney for that.

  2. omg that thing is gorgeous!!
    Ha, I'm also trying to figure out what I can sell to afford a vintage sofa I found on craigslist...

  3. It's so similar to the organic modernism one you asked me about... stunning!! Both are gorgeous, but the other one is much less expensive. Can't go wrong either way. If you call the LA store to get it tell Touche I sent you ;) Can't wait to see what you decide.

    1. This one is literally a dream, but if I buy it.. I will not be buying anymore furniture for the rest of my life - the OM one is a much cheaper, but super nice option! Thanks so much for you 'review' on it :)


  4. Hi! New follower and new fan. I love the room board. That sofa is fabulous. Can you tell me more about the lamps in the room? If those are vintage, I think I have a pair just like them. - Brandy@ChateauÀGogo

    1. The lamps are actually new from Circa Lighting (Fiona Table Lamp). I loved the vintage look to them! I'm sure your actual vintage pair are pretty fab!

    2. Thanks for the source on the lamps. I love the print as well and I see the link below. You mentioned having a massive print. Do you know what size you have? Thanks - Brandy

    3. I got as large as she could print - 30x30 if I remember correctly... and then the frame adds some. I should have got matting to make it even bigger ;)

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  5. Replies
    1. It's from Jessica Rae Sommer http://jessicaraesommer.com/
      I'm so obsessed and only wish I could be the lucky owner of the original! But I still love my massive print :) Go check her out, she's got some amazing stuff!