Monday, 14 January 2013

Bathroom Beauties

I for one don't remember having been so happy 
to see the beginning of a new week!!

Yesterday marked day 7 of the flu at our house, 
and nerves are getting a bit frayed ;).

I have high hopes for this week though, 
including the application of a bit of make-up 
and actually leaving the house!

Hoping this finds you all healthy!!

To start the week, Sarah and I are doing 
something we have been meaning to get going 
since having first started the blog - a side-by-side, 
if you will, of our picks for a given space, 
piece of furniture etc.

Today, our top 3 picks for bathrooms. 



This first bathroom was designed by Greg Stewart 
of Orlando Diaz-Azcuy Design Associates. 

In my humble opinion, this design is brilliant. 

The use of the same material throughout the space 
lends it a sense of cohesiveness and simplicity 
that makes the space feel so serene and calming - 
exactly as it should be.

The pairing of the apricot and blush with the brass 
is stunning, and I love how all of the 
surfaces are highly reflective and the 
effect that that creates.

And lastly, this space to me strikes a very good 
balance between contemporary and classic. 

Greg Stewart via Interiors Magazine

This bathroom by Suzanne Kasler has been 
a favourite for some time. 

Again, loving the shades of blush/apricot 
and its glammy, timeless appeal.

Suzanne Kasler via AD


And last but certainly not least, 
I vote for this Ruthie Sommers number 
that was recently featured in Veranda.

Leave it to Ruthie, everything in this bathroom 
is exquisite - the Moroccan mirror, 
the vintage glass fixture, the cabinetry.

This bathroom is unexpected, and I love every 
last detail down to the antique vanity stool 
with the tufted yellow cushion!

Ruthie Sommers via Veranda


I find it's rare that I see a space and love every single aspect of it. There certainly is no exceptions for bathrooms - it may even be worse as there are so many finishes in one small space.


This above washroom is one of those rare finds - I don't think there is a single thing I'd change about it! 
I love the dark masculine feel of it all, yet it still has some feminine touches that make it balanced. I only wish I could see the rest of this master suite...


David Hicks never disappoints me! As I'm sure it's becoming evident in my posts, I crave that perfect mix of modern and traditional. In this bathroom that mix is done so well! I love the vintage chandelier and large guilt mirror up against the modern finishes and Saarinen stool!


I am loving mirrored vanities these days. Although I'd probably switch out the wall mirror for something brass or gilt myself, I still love this space - you can never go wrong with floor to ceiling marble!

Let us know what you think, and your own favourite picks 
- we'd love to hear and to add to our collection!

Sarah & Christine 


  1. Ugh hope you all feel better soon! Love all of the bathrooms!

  2. So hard to decide. I love so many aspects. Glad i found your blog. Have a great week.