Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Leopard Love!!

Morning, and apologies for the tardy post!

Kiddos are back in action after a month at home 
and lunches + snowsuits + driving kiddos around +++ 
and this mama is behind schedule!!

But I digress...

I know I'm hardly new to this party, but I've 
got a bad case of leopard lust goin' on over here, 
and I need me some skin 
(that just sounds wrong, but anyway)!!

via Pinterest

I think I may have mentioned in a recent post 
my love for pattern (and lots of it) these days, 
and I'm wanting to incorporate it in some large way 
into my living room and adjoining office area.

I've finally decided on the drapery hardware for the space, 
and it's going to look something like this baby:
via Antique Drapery Rod Company

...which looks something like this from a different angle:

via Ruthie Sommers

via Sally Wheat Interiors

via Meg Braff
Lovie-love it!!

And I'm also getting closer to narrowing down
the trim for the draperies, 
but boy has that one had me stumped!

Have a couple of samples being delivered 
any day now, and hopefully that will end 
this here drapery design dilemma.

But back to the leopard. 

To the very top of my design bucket list 
is a sofa full of feline!!

While I love the smaller pieces and accessories 
in leopard, I love the impact of the 
leopard on a larger scale.

This sofa in Aerin Lauder's home is so crazy 
sophisticated and unbelievable against the 
dark walls and gold accents - drives me mad!!

via Vogue

via Elle Decor

Now to find me a fabric.

This fabric by Lee Jofa is exquisite - 
the price, definitely not so much. 

Think it retails for over 
$1000 yard which would make my sofa possibly 
the most expensive ever made.

But in a perfect world, this would be my first choice.

Lee Jofa

Any suggestions for leopard alternatives 
would be very much appreciated, as I need to 
cross this one off my design bucket list for certain :).

Ta ta and xo for now!!


P.S. The other thing driving me mad these 
days - Blogger - apologies for the weirdo formatting!!


  1. we had a leopard HUGE LONG sofa in collage (boy do i miss it) - and i have curtain rods JUST like those - i love how they wrap the window!

    1. There's just something about leopard on a sofa isn't there?!

      And good to know that you're happy with the brass hardware - thanks for the feedback!

  2. Yes Erin's sofa is to die for! I remember the first time I saw it.......seriously.....I freaked out. I have a sample of cheetah/leopard fabric coming as we speak. I will let you know if it is any good. -Brandy@ChateauAGogo

    1. Sounds as though we share our love for feline!!

      Please do let me know what you think of your samples as this little lust of mine is lasting longer than usual :). Take care!