Thursday, 17 January 2013

Brass Fixtures & the Stuff Dreams are Made of...

Morning friends (or aft, evening etc.)!

Have been on the lighting lookout for a couple 
of clients lately as well as for some kitchen 
lighting for above my island, so just a quick 
post this morning with a round-up of some of 
the ceiling fixtures that have caught my eye.

Transitional - Vintage - Masculine - Mid-Century
Classic - Trad - Glam

Although I love all of these fixtures, 
I am head over heels for the brass 
square flush mount and have suggested it 
for one of my client's front foyer. 

The foyer does not have high ceilings, 
so the flush mount would be a perfect 
(and beautiful) option!!

... And went to bed last night dreaming of 
this Liz O'Brien creation...

Mother of all things beautiful - oh my!!!

Need to make this here dream a reality. 
Like for certain. 

Loooooving the fringe!!! And the blush. 
And the brass. And the...

Big hugs, 


  1. Great lighting round up.... and that sofa. Such a stunner.

    1. Thanks Erica :).

      I am so enjoying your blog and your positive energy and am amongst those who are very happy that you are back!

      Best, C.

  2. the mid-centry and classic are great - but i'm more 'modern' in my house - kinda' ubber modern with a mix tho - sorta' hard to explain - i just buy what i LOVE and it all seems to work :o)

    PS – my friend is gonna be on Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo TONIGHT come check it out on the bog :o)

    1. Decorate with what resonates/what you love - that definitely seems to be the way to go!

      Can't believe your friend is going to be on MM tonight - will definitely check it out on your blog!!

  3. Can the 'masculine' square, flush mount be ordered if you are not in the trade? Wondering how much it costs and how I could get it! Thanks