Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year, New Additions!

Unfortunately Christine's family has been hit with the flu over the weekend, so her part of the 2-part post will have to wait until tomorrow. In the meantime I thought I'd fill the blank with a quick post about a few new home purchases soon coming my way :)


First off, if you saw my post from before the Holidays you'll know I went head over heels for a certain couch. It was quite expensive, so I went on the hunt for something similar but a little less pricey.
I ended up finding two options I was pretty happy with.
I then stumbled upon this picture of Trina Turk's home and instantly knew the option I was going with (it actually was the front runner).

Here's what I bought...

Organic Modernism

So similar, right?! But a serious fraction of the cost. I'm using the small one in my entrance - very excited about this - and the long one is going in our family/playroom. 

A few other pieces...

Vintage console. I cannot WAIT for this!

A pair of Giancarlo Piretti Alky Chairs. 
I'm still trying to decide what to reupholster them in!

Another vintage console table. It's black in real life and although I have no idea where it is going yet, the price was too good to pass up!

This coffee table for our living room.

And these night stands that again have no set spot, but the price was too good!
I'll most likely be refinishing them, but we'll see.


I just love getting new furniture! Especially vintage, there is nothing better!



  1. What finds! I love it. Wish I needed something, but the honest truth is I don't need a thing..remind me of that when I bring the next great 'deal' home!
    xo Nancy

  2. Sarah...you seriously are my vintage furniture soul sister- there has NEVER been anything you've posted that I don't instantly want. Those sofas...so good- love OM- I'm actually mulling over a few of their options for my nursery. And the console tables and the Alky chairs- I've been DYING for a set of those. All so so good!!!

  3. Wow! Those are all some fantastic finds! Love them all!