Friday, 11 January 2013

Friday Files


...and although on the wellness front, this has not been 
one of the healthiest weeks for me and my 
flu-ridden fam-damily, there 
have been some brighter spots, 
including our first sale at One King's Lane!!!

via Pinterest

I don't mind telling you though that it was a bit 
bittersweet because the piece in question was 
my beloved regency etagere!

You may recall that I had slated it for my office until 
I came to the realization that there wasn't going 
to be much of a business if I continued to 
keep everything I bought for myself - funny that ;).

But really, the first sale was very exciting and there 
are a number of pieces coming up in the days and weeks 
ahead, so stay tuned...

And if you haven't already, you must check out their 
vintage and market finds section as they add fab 
new vintage pieces each and every morning friends!!

Well and then... I was delighted to see that 
Mary McDonald had launched a new collection 
for Schumacher!! 

Amongst my faves:

Fabric #1: Firenze in blush conch

I love the idea of a hint of pink in an otherwise 
masculine space, and this fabric 
accomplishes just that with the blush/black/other combo.

(And the blush reminds me of the velvet on 
the backside of Christine's tiger pillow for 219, 
which of course I adore!)

Fabric #2: Vanderbilt Velvet in Dove

Love this pattern too and think it would work 
well with so many different pieces. 
This on a sofa would be incredible, 
as well as on any number of chairs.

Fabric #3: Chinois Palais in Blush Conch

And for all you lovers of Chinese-inspired wall panels, 
MM has come up with this beautiful 100% linen fabric in 
a scale/width that would lend itself to draperies, 
bed covers etc. 

This could be positively gorgeous as draperies.

#4: Madame Wu Applique in Swan

Also loving this applique, and its scale 
is substantial (8") so would be fabulous on 
a stool, pillow, bed cover, 
you name it!
Okay, and lastly, not good...

How is it possible to have a wish list so shortly 
after Christmas??

As I'm sure I don't need to tell you, the new Lonny 
came out yesterday, where they featured this 
Bernhardt console that will be available come Spring. 


It doesn't get any better than a cream and 
brass combo for me, and I love the thought of this 
piece as a bar cart/console.

You might remember this line from High Point Market 
where Bernhardt featured the coffee and 
side tables - equally stunning - 
not to mention the screen!

But I'm thinking that the console would be a real keeper. 
Clean lines, classic piece - the kind that would be 
with you for the long haul. 

Can you see the justification wheels in motion 
over here friends - hmmm, can anyone out there 
think of another reason why I should have this ;)? 

Have a fabulous weekend all, and hope to see 
you again next week!

Until then...



  1. that console and that coffee table, I am dying!!!

  2. Wow! That's huge and so fantastic! Congrats! I would be pee my pants excited if I were you!

    Loving the MM fabric! Especially the chinoiserie one! Divine!