Monday, 28 January 2013

Pretty Perfect Pad

We both could pretty much talk house all 
day every day. It is a definite preoccupation, 
and we need us an outlet!!

What better than a post, we thought, dedicated 
to all things pertaining to building our dream home 
- room by room, light fixture by door knob by 
kitchen sink by...

So today we begin with the first of our 
"Pretty Perfect Pad" 
series, focused on exteriors.


I looooove anything to do with interior design (I guess that's obvious based on the fact I co-write a design blog), so it's not unusual for thoughts of building another home to cross my mind (like, very often). However, for now these are all just dreams...

But, dreaming is fun so I think my home would go a little something like this...

White stucco, I love white stucco! And a big, black, chunky set of doors is a must! 
Obsessed with everything about this entrance.

Since I love the look of a mixed interior, it only makes sense for the exterior to reflect what will be seen inside. Yes, this is a museum but I love homes that have a more commercial than residential look and this is PERFECT inspiration!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I need Kelly Wearstler's topiary garden in my life. 

And if we were to get all technical, my dream home would actually be located in sunny California - the Hollywood Hills will do. 

With a modern pool, palm trees...

Walter Lamb outdoor furniture...

and some of these fabulous star shaped tables...

That's my dream!

- Christine -

Iiiiit's official. 
I am a rambling country estate kinda gal. 

As much as I completely appreciate 
other aesthetics, I always seem to gravitate towards 
that Hamptons-esque or New-England-style sprawling 
estate equipped with all the essentials - 
tennis courts, stables etc.

A very close second to the meandering country estate, 
however, is this kind of thing...

White, boxwood, shutters, symmetry...

This Georgian/neo-classical style is much more 
consistent with the type of interior that I'm drawn to,
 and in my opinion is a style that lends itself 
to a variety of styles - so well-suited for achieving 
that mix we talk about so often!

Hmmmm. Decisions, decisions ;).

Pretty Perfect Pad 
will be back next week with our 
picks for foyers (a definite favourite 
for both of us!!)

Big hugs, 
Sarah and Christine


  1. Sarah, I love the first picture. Those doors are amazing. I love the interior of our house but the exterior style is Tudor...not the easiest to modernize. Christine, I love the symmetry and boxwood accents in your choices. I'm sure you both want KW's topiary garden.....who wouldn't! - Brandy

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