Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Kelly Pink

Can someone please explain to me how I've never come across this pink and black heaven by the one and only before?!


Kelly Wearstler is a pure genius. But, we all know that!

I honestly don't even understand how one can actually pull off something this incredibly fabulous!!

I love the simplicity of the pattern on those drapes up against all the other craziness. And we can't forget to take note of the pink snakeskin chair!

But, I'd like to focus on a key feature here that has be completely taken...

The Souffle Sofa?!?!?!?!

We all know about the fabulous souffle chair that has everyone swooning...

But I was not aware that it is also made in sofa form!!!!

Seriously... this has top spot on my dream list of things I'll never be able to own!


And if all this wasn't enough, check out this pink version of her  Head Trip Sculpture! 

I'm sorry, but this deserves a post of it's own. 

Enough said.

Allow me to go pick my jaw off the floor. xo


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  1. She truly is a master. If I tried this, it would look like a HOT MESS but some how she makes it work every time. I'm in awe of her on an ongoing basis. Oh and fyi, my Jessica Rae Sommers print is on the way!! - Brandy