Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Fashion + Find

So I'm having one of those blogger days... 
The type where you can't think of anything to post about to save your life! But alas, I am going to go with the failsafe fashion/finds post - two of my favourite things all mixed together into a nice little post! 

Here's a little outfit inspo for all you fashion lovers!

I'm loving navy right now. It's the perfect fall hue and coincidentally one of those colours that I've been enjoying for interiors as well! 

Shirt: French Connection
Boots: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Earings: Opening Ceremony
Purse: Givenchy

While throwing together this outfit board, It reminded me of a fabulous pair of sconces that I had found the other day which match oh-so-perfectly to this outfit!

How amazing are these! I could easily find a wall for these to adorn in my home - no problem :)

Speaking of walls to adorn (and I guess a follow up to one of Christine's last posts), I am itching to use this wallpaper! Black, pink and metallic silver?! Really can't get much better than that!


I'm a little sick of Chevron lately, but this has an interesting twist that doesn't make it so bad...
If this is still too much Chevron to handle, you could go for some gold goodness instead!

Can I please see this application on someones wall asap?!?!


Hope everyone has a fabulous day!



  1. That black wallpaper is making me crazy- as are the sconces- as is the Givenchy bag...oh and jeans if I wasn't so ginormous at the present time:)

  2. Love the boots, the bag, the sconces...such great things! :)