Friday, 9 November 2012

Friday Files

Iiiiiiiiiit's Friday, and the Friday Files are 
fast becoming my favourite post of the week - 
a little ramble of goings on and what's 
got us excited...

And topping that list is of course the crazy-talented 
Ruthie Sommers and her recent feature in Veranda.

This bathroom is exquisite and one
of my new all time faces!

And this next space reminds me of Victoria Webster's 
fabulous living room - another current favourite.

Ruthie Sommers
Victoria Webster via Cdn House and Home
And loooovie this space. The ebony floors, the pink, 
black and gold, and how it all works together 
so effortlessly. 

Also super excited to be going on a house tour this w/e - 
Homes for the Holidays - to benefit a local and very 
well-respected palliative care hospice.

One of the homes being featured is just around the 
corner from Sarah and me. 

Here is a view of its side entrance. 

via Homes for the Holidays: Hospice at May Court

It was designed by American architect Jack Arnold, 
and this picture, although beautiful, 
simply does not do it justice.

Another Jack Arnold design...

Sarah and I both have very much wanted to see 
this house, so what better opportunity than 
Hallowe'en - ha!! We were more excited than the kids!

Once there, we waited for all of the 
kids to clear before ringing the bell to ensure 
a completely unobstructed view of the inside - 
shameless I tell you!! 

Anyway, yippee, this weekend we get to see all of it!! 
Will give you the full report next week!


And lastly, a wee update from an interior 
design project I'm working on.

It is for the loveliest of clients 
and his perfectly adorable son, 
and we are revamping a significant portion 
of their main floor. 

Initially the project scope was a total redo of the 
living and dining room areas. 

There was old carpet in the living room and 
a pre-fab hardwood in the dining room. 

The client wanted to replace the flooring, and we 
decided on a site-finished hardwood floor in ebony.

Delivery day with my little assistant :)
But beyond this area was the foyer, which was 
covered in a large ceramic white tile and beyond that a 
family room with light-stained hardwood 
- have I lost you?? 

Anyway, we decided that the biggest impact 
would come from addressing the foyer and family 
room at the same time as the other areas with 
a view of making the ground floor read as one 
cohesive space.

So out came the ceramic in the foyer 
and in went the same ebony hardwood. 
We preserved the existing wood in the family room but 
are having it re-stained in ebony as well. 

This is all happening literally as I write. 
Yesterday the stain was applied, and now we are 
just waiting for the final two coats of finish.

And talk about inspired timing - this just in!!
(Client snuck in to check out the new stain :)) 

Apologies for the poor quality shot, 
but hopefully you can get a sense.

Omgosh, what an amazing difference from the ceramic - 
the client is thrilled, and so am I!! 

He plans on addressing the staircase as well, 
but for now the focus is on the living and 
dining room areas. 

Will definitely continue to post as this project 
progresses, but in the meantime, I'll tell you 
that a Billy Baldwin-style sofa is definitely happening... 

(I adore those brass wall sconces/lamps as well!!) is this Tom Dixon Style pendant in the d/room.

I'm so enjoying this project and working 
with such a wonderful and receptive client! 

Anyhoo, that's about it at this end I think...

Hope you all have a wonderful end of week! 
Looking forward to visiting again next.


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