Monday, 5 November 2012

Little weekend DIY

Since Halloween is over, next on the list is Christmas (if you're Canadian that is). 
I've never been big on decorating for the Holidays. There have been years where we didn't even have a tree - GASP, I know! I don't know why, I just think it's hard to find holiday stuff to match my decor - red and green don't exactly jive in our residence :)

Anyways, this year I've purchased a black Christmas tree. A merry gothic Christmas? No, I think it's going to look amazing! I will post pics once I have it up and decorated in the near future. For now I decided to try and make my own garland. I found this on Pinterest...

I thought it was great because you can basically choose any colour you like of ribbon and fabric to match your decor and still have a Christmas-y feel!

We have the black, beige, white, pink, gold & silver feel going on so this is what I started with...

All the fabric was random stuff I already had around the house along with some gold ribbon.

After a few ties..

And this is where I've stopped. I have 20 metres of this to do... 20!!! That's if I want it to go up my staircase, which was the initial intent. 

Bah, so overwhelming!!

I think if I attempt to continue I will probably try to find some more expensive looking fabric and ribbon to add a little more texture and substance to it. 

That's it for now. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!



  1. Oh that is ab fab. I agree about the colour thing - I'm not mad on green, and I think I'll be going more aubergine/eggplant with our colours this year.

    Fab post. Best of luck on the rest of your lights! Also, jealous of your 20m banister.