Friday, 2 November 2012

Friday File: Random Musings

So funny that no sooner did the clock strike 
midnight last Hallow'eve (writing this Thursday night), 
that all those retailers were fast and furious 
sending out their virtual holiday cheer - 
guess the season is now "officially" upon us!!


In the meantime, I have some serious work 
to get done on my main floor and here 
is some of what is on the mind:


You may recall I had posted a wee while back about my 
longish hallway and my plans for a little makeover. 

New builds have their advantages, 
but architectural interest and detailing
is not one of them! 

So this space is in dire need of a little 
character infusion, and I've got me a plan!!

Step 1: Paint 

Top pick as of now = P and L's Obsidian. 

It's one of those colours that you just can't 
pin down - my favourite kind!! It has depth - it's 
definitely black - but not stark - and subtle, 
if that's possible for a black.

In any case, painters booked, and we're ready to go!!

Step 2: Moulding

Am thinking substantial, period and high gloss.

Step 3: Out with the old

Step 4: Add

In with the new...
One King's Lane: Vintage and Market Finds

Step 5: +++++

Still figuring out the rest of the details
 - very excited!!

2.  Pineapple

Of course one thing leads to another, and in this 
case literally, as my hallway is adjacent to the 
front entrance and wee little powder room - 
and I need to figure something out!

I've been contemplating this wall covering 
for a while, but looking at this picture again, 
and I think the deal is sealed!

Good golly but this paper is exquisite, 
and I think I know a wee little powder room 
that would be happy to give it a home!

I've had the samples taped to the 
powder room walls for far too long now - 
it's time to make a move!!


And somewhere in my basement is a pair 
of these two babies in gold:

via Circa Who

Not wanting to o.d. on the pineapple 
in the powder room but am thinking of using 
one of them in the entrance way (right adjacent 
to the wee powder room). 

And for the rest of the entrance way, thinking 
of a light-tone grasscloth as a reprieve from 
the two black spaces flanking it. 

So thank you!! Feeling like this has 
been an entirely design-cathartic 
and productive session! 

And lastly, before I leave you to your 
respective weekends, a little preview 
from the 219 Boutique.

As we've mentioned, 219 will be featuring some 
custom pieces unique to us, 
and we wanted to give you a sneak peak at one 
of the pieces we're working on.

We are totally loving reference to Art Nouveau...


(I would walk through open flames for that mirror!!!)

... and will be featuring this mirror 
in two custom colours exclusive to 219!

Won't do the full reveal now, but little hint, here 
were a couple of sources of colour inspiration:

via Elle Decor


We're getting closer and closer to the official 
launch and are crazy kid at Christmas excited!!

 Happiest of weekends all you design lovelies!!

C. xo


  1. So happy to have discovered your blog through Christine of B&B! Your design and fashion sense are what I'm talkin bout! Can't wait to see more! I'm your newest follower and adding you to my blog roll! Now to go through your archives and start from the beginning...


    1. Rght back at ya' Kecia - your blog is fabulous!!

      Thanks so much for getting in touch, and as always, big thank you to Christine for the mention!

      Christine xo

  2. Found you ladies through Christine -- crazy good taste! Post more home pictures! :) New follower.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  3. Very excited to see what else is in store! Christine is certainly enamoured with you and she has fantastic taste so I'm sure you won't disappoint!
    Good grief those little snippets are amazing...

  4. Just popped over fromBijou's blog and now following! Love the plans for your entrance way and can't wait to see those pineapples in action ;)

  5. lovely pictures, perhaps you'll be interested in my ebay shop! I/m only just beginning so it would help me if you had a look*bazaar/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=50&_trksid=p3686

  6. oh hello!! loving your idea of a dark hallway .... what a bold move! and you just happen to have a pair of these to-die-for faux bamboo pineapple mirrors kicking around in the basement? I need to come visit your basement Christine!