Monday, 12 November 2012

Weekend Recap & Boutique Update!!

So we're bursting with excitement to tell you 
that the launch of the 219 Boutique 
is imminent - like days away imminent!!!

Bellus Designs

And what's more, we're working on a most exciting 
joint venture. Mum's the word for the moment, but we're 
hoping to be able to tell you all about it very shortly! 

In anticipation of the Boutique opening, we are 
of course continuing to get pieces weekly, and we 
had a funny little thing happen on Friday.

We had ordered several Zeus busts from Oly Studio, 
and we were most eagerly awaiting their arrival. 

This is what we had ordered: 

Obviously having overlooked the particulars re: 
dimensions, Sarah and I were expecting a 
modestly sized bust and in fact were just saying 
how we wished they were a bit more substantial in
terms of scale.

Careful what you wish for... ;)

When the delivery truck arrived, he asked me where 
would like the "skid". 

Having envisioned the busts being packaged 
in one largish box, I'm perplexed.

Until we opened the first box!!!!

Great Zeus - Great big ZEUS!!
He is taller than my 18 month old 
and Sarah's youngest! 

Sarah and I are totally smitten - 
the scale is so substantial and they are 
amazing paired with gold!!

Kelly Wearstler

Two ZEUS busts will be available through the 
Boutique when we launch, but of course feel free 
to contact us in the meantime for more info and pricing. 
And this is what Sarah and I do for fun on the weekends!! 

Our kids play with superhero figures and dolls, 
and we play with Zeus busts...

(Just so you're not concerned, we were just trying 
to establish scale ;))


What else did we do for fun this w/e??

Well, I bought this very fab 8" x 10" print from 
Caitlin McGauley for my office. 

via Caitlin McGauley

If you don't recognize the name, you probably 
recognize her work - she's done 
all kinds of amazing projects for the likes of 
Lonny, Hermes, Kate Spade, Tory Burch etc. etc.

This is an open edition print and proceeds will go to 
the American Red Cross to aid in disaster relief for 
the victims of Hurricane Sandy - obviously a very 
worthwhile cause and a little piece of Caitlin 
for you in return!

In case you want to check out the link: 

I'm also looking at this as a bit of a sign ;) as this 
here little beauty of a coat from Emerson Fry 
has been gracing one of our Pinterest boards 
for some time now. 

via Emerson Fry

My significant other laughs (most of the time) at 
how adept I am at justifying purchases, but the writing 
is so clearly on the wall in this case - 
I've loved this coat for some time, 
I come across a fabulous print with this coat, 
it's for a good cause... 

Right??!! ;)

And oh yeah, that little Jack Arnold French country 
home that I visited on the weekend was so so lovely!

Unfortunately, they were very strict about pictures, 
otherwise I would have been snapping 
away left and right.

This place though was the most 
inviting and cozy cozy home I can remember 
ever having visited.

It was so tasteful and beautiful and yet nothing 
in their home was "on-trend" per se.

They had an amazing butler's pantry with a built-in 
wall rack to house their platters, serving plates etc. 

They also had the most incredible three-season 
outdoor living room with a full kitchen, 
wine fridge and fireplace that overlooked their pool
and detached garage/guest house - stunning it was!!

via Elle Decor
Must sign off. Busy busy week getting ready 
for the launch - can't wait!!!

Have the bestest of days!

Christine xo


  1. I laughed so hard at my desk with those Zeus busts at the table. I was preparing myself to see teeny tiny like, table-top sized busts. They're incredibly awesome at that scale though.

    Best of luck with the launch :)

    1. Thanks so much for the well wishes and for appreciating our humour ;)!

      Christine xo

  2. SOOOOOOO excited!!!!! And I need a new bust- ha!

  3. Very exciting about the launch! Is the store in Ottawa? And absolutely LOVE the busts sitting at the table, ha! Hilarious. They look fab.

    1. Thanks Julie - we are so excited!!

      We are based just outside of Ottawa but the store will be online only, and we will be shipping to both Canada and the U.S.

      Best, Christine

  4. OOOh.... amazing large busts! So funny at the table :) Love the coat too. Yels x