Monday, 26 November 2012

Houston, we have a problem...

Well, uh oh!! 

Good news is I love my new black hallway. 
Bad news is that I'm wanting to paint one 
big, black brush stroke over the whole 
darn house!!! 

I'm having a black attack!!!

So here is a before and halfway thru shot of the 
hallway (last coat being done tomorrow). 

So hard to take a good angle, as it's a long, 
not very wide corridor. Funny thing though, 
given its width, I was wondering whether it 
would confine the space, but instead I'm feeling 
like it's actually making the ceilings look higher.



Post-1st coat

What think you friends??

This particular runner won't be staying - 
was just wanting to get a sense of a rug in the space.
This is a loooong hallway - about 25 feet I think - 
so one runner is simply not going to cut it. 

Loving this look -
Two mismatched but complementary rugs -  
I'm officially on the hunt!

I'm still contemplating how to deal with the 
largest wall. Even the very large canvas 
I had on it pre-paint didn't make much of a dent.

So two thoughts. 

I still absolutely adore this hallway 
that I had yakked about a wee while back:

{Sidebar: Go blush or perish!! 
I NEED to find somewhere to use this colour!!!}

And I am equally enamoured with a salon-type display.

Miles Redd

via Lonny
Am leaning towards the salon-style grouping and 
am starting to put some stuff together.

Then all that's left will be to add crown, paint out 
the trim and door and get new door hardware - so excited!!

Is it too ambitious to think it can all be 
done before New Year's??!!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and that you 
continue to enjoy the shopping on this Cyber Monday!!



  1. Oh, Christine! It looks fabulous!

    1. Thanks so much Julie!! Can't wait to see your new black door!! Mine is being painted as I write this...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you friend!! Can't wait to see you at 2:00!! xo

  3. The black looks so crisp and sophisticated.! I love it! It completely changes the hallway. I like the pink salon grouping but I wouldn't go as far as the second darker room. You don't want to loose those gorgeous walls. The complementary rugs will add a lot.