Thursday, 15 November 2012

'Tis the Season at 219!!

I'm a bit of a Christmas crazy and this has only 
been heightened by the fact that Sarah has already 
put up her amazing black tree!! 

So I am in heavy duty holiday decorating mode trying 
to figure out the scheme for this year.

Definitely a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas 
and the subtler the decor the better, so this year I'm 
going to try to use as much "live/natural" 
accessories as possible. 

Loving the idea of using little trees in 
addition to the "Grand Poobah" tree. 

Mary McDonald
That peacock!!!

And if memory serves, I believe that this anything 
but little tree is in a guest room in designer 
Barry Dixon's home. 

Lucky guest!

Love all the saturated jewel tones, the casually 
placed garland and how it so perfectly complements 
the wallpaper (of course)!

I also love the drama and juxtaposition 
of these Christmas trees in the clay pots.

Wouldn't these be perfect outdoors either flanking 
an entrance or even a single depending on your setup?

And magnolia is a must!!

Sarah and I will both be donning one of 
these amazing lacquer magnolia wreaths.

We really fell in love with this collection 
and are very happy to be carrying it in the Boutique!! 

The wreaths are made with real magnolia leaves and 
will last indefinitely. They are available in several 
colours and sizes including this one in gold - our favourite!

Just send us a msg if you would like more info :) 

Also love magnolia or other live greenery throughout 
the house but particularly on the staircases.

Eddie Ross


And I most adore the idea of a collection of ornaments 
displayed somewhere other than the tree.

Country Living

Other goings on- Am meeting with a new client today 
to discuss a couple of projects, including a 
complete kitchen overhaul - love doing kitchens!! 
- and fireplace redo.

And the linen for my living room + office draperies 
has arrived, and I am pondering the details - 
to trim or not to trim...

Will elaborate on both next week - would love your 
input on my draperies!

Christine xo


  1. Good luck at your new client meetings- quite sure whatever plans you have will knock 'em dead:) Love all of your Christmas inspirations- the trees in the pots are great. And how did I not notice that Sarah's tree was black? Amazing.

  2. I can't image the peacock! in a guest room! Talk about WOW!