Thursday, 8 November 2012

Wall Wonder

 Sarah was over the other day helping me to 
contemplate the fate of the walls 
on my ground floor (you may recall my post 
from last week).

Most definitely in a wallpaper frame of mind, and 
instead of having to decide which room to wallpaper, 
I'm having to talk myself down from which room I'll spare! 

There is just so much bounty out there that 
it's impossible to resist - eeeeks!!

Case in point, the wallpaper in this bathroom 
is exquisite - colour, scale, pattern 
- it's got it all. 

It has a definite art deco vibe along with a 
little Palm Beach and a little 70's - 
what's not to love!

My daughter Dahlia's room is high up on 
the redo priority list, and while I was 
strongly considering Alan Campbell's Saya Gata 
in pink lines on tint, I could definitely be 
swayed by this pattern (need to find out the name!) 
or something similar!

A Jay Jeffers stunner.

And as for the master, I am still so stuck on 
Osborne & Little's Asuka!

If my house had more of a mid-century or 
contemporary vibe, I wouldn't be able to resist 
the yellow colour way, but my house being 
a bit more classic, I think the gold and cream will 
hit just the right note!

Osborne and Little Asuka
I also still adore this zebra print. It would be 
fabulous in so many places, but I love the thought 
of it in a small space similar to this interior - 
I think it would be stunning in a den, office or library.

Love this paper and this company. In addition to their 
existing collections, Mr Perswall manufacturers 
custom wall coverings based on your very 
own digital image!

Mr Perswall
Endless possibilities. 

Another example of an incredible custom wall covering. 

via Lonny
Love that custom papers are increasingly 
becoming an accessible option!

On a completely separate note, had a visit with a 
very dear friend of mine yesterday.

Her home is pretty incredible -  
steeped with character and style with unique pieces, 
art etc. at every turn.

We always talk about wanting a space to feel 
"collected", and her home is one of the best examples 
of that that I've seen.

A wee while back, she was searching for a 
gift for her husband's birthday and came across this 
bronze beauty that I had to share with you:

I have loved this since the day she 
brought it home (from a local antique shop). 

It is very substantial in scale and commands 
such a presence - loooovie it!!

And note the back-drop of beautifully- 
styled built-ins and the stunning marble 
tabletop. The caramel in the marble 
so perfectly picks up the bronze in the statue.

 Oooooh starry eyed I am!! I'm telling you - 
this house is somethin'-somethin'!

Will see you again tomorrow for the Friday Files.

Until then, hugs!


  1. You MUST do the Jay Jeffers palms in Dahlia's room- just so so perfect! And yes to been one of my all times faves...and the zerba- ack...I'm of no help- I have the same 'love too many wallpapers' problem. Adore that bronze and holy dinah...that custom wallpaper- insane...just gave me a fun idea re: our Skype chat the other day;)

  2. Thanks for the input!!

    Funny, I was getting me an idea as well as per our last Skype chat. We'll have to discuss ;).


  3. OMG! Your dear old friend must have incredible taste! That bronze god is to DIE for!!!!