Thursday, 1 November 2012

Boy Kave

I hope everyone had fun with their kiddies last night trick or treating! Christine and I were lucky enough to avoid the rain and actually get outside for some festivities! 

Speaking of kids, I decided to dedicate this post to my boys - or more specifically my oldest son at the moment.

I am always trying to look for some cute original boy clothes as they are harder to come by, and here are a few things on my wish list.

Bottom Left: Zara Sweatshirt
Top Right: Zara Pants
Bottom Right: Ash shoes

I'm seriously loving the whole longboard thing, which has lead to my new ideas and potential plans for my almost 3yr olds room. I quickly threw together a mood board of what I've been thinking and the feel I want to go for. Please don't judge, I seriously did this so fast.

 This isn't complete and not all of it is right (I wouldn't be using a greek key dresser, but something white with the same shape). I LOVE grasscloth wallpaper and think it would be so perfect in this space!

I've found it really hard trying to think of rooms for my boys that match the feel of our home, yet are still boyish. I've basically decided I don't care anymore and I'm just going to do what I love and what I think suits my little dudes.

This mama needs to get on it though as we need some excitement to happen asap in their all-white rooms!


On a completely separate note, I just purchased the most amazing set of Milo Baughman benches - I cannot wait to see them in person! At this point I'm thinking of our bedroom as their home, but they might be too good to keep out of site from the rest of the world so we'll see!

Coral pink and brass - is there anything better!?

Hope everyone is having a fabo week!


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  1. I'm of the same mind about the boy's matter how hard I try, they just can't really mesh with the rest of the house so be damned with to just do it up boy styles and who gives if it's a departure from the other stuff:) Love what you've come up with and have been toying with the grasscloth idea too. And those benches...good god- SOOOOOOO good!