Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Comforts of Home...

home[hohm]: noun
The place in which one's 
domestic affections are centred

Jeffrey Alan Marks Inc

I'm such a crazy homebody to begin with, 
but I'm especially appreciating all of my 
creature comforts as I watch all of those 
being adversely impacted by the storms. 

I know for myself, my near obsession with 
all things design emanates from my love of 
home and all that it represents. 

So today an homage to home, and a rendering 
of all the comforts it provides:

Seen and Heard: "Cozy-Cozy"

This is aptly placed first on my list, 
as all things "cozy-cozy" is a pretty 
big deal around our house.

I am a blanket fanatic and have them 
everywhere you can think of - front porch, 
bathrooms draped over a chair, 
office - you name it!!

Favourite Things

Cookbooks, wine, copious amounts of mags, and 
family photos are amongst my very favourite 
comforts of home.

via Carolina Herrera

I adore the idea of cooking and love perusing 
through all of my cookbooks and cooking mags. 

This is serious folks. 

I had a built-in especially made 
in my kitchen for the sole purpose of housing 
my fave cookbooks, and did a wide ledge 
on my hood fan for exactly the same reason

And of course my beloved design mags...

The Little Things

All the little luxuries of home - linens, candles, 
flowers, fabulous stationary, pillows, music etc.

It really is the little things...

Ashley Whittaker Design

Smythson via HB


Who here doesn't love their bed?!

And yes please Leontine - 
bring on the monograms!

Albert Hadley and Harry Heissmann

Celerie Kemble via Lonny


I think I love the lead up to the bath almost 
as much as the bath itself. 

And again, those monogrammed linens!!


Amanda Nisbet
Mary McDonald

Rest and Respite

Ahhh, exhale...

via Elle Decor

A little relax a la laptop never looked so good!!

via Elle Decor


Good ol' home cooking.

Is there anything you can think of that wouldn't 
taste good coming from this black and brass beauty?
La Cornue

Nancy Meyers for It's Complicated

Possibly the most inviting kitchen ever!! I still adore this.

Hearth and Home

Don't think there's anything that says 
"cozy cozy" like a roaring fire in a 
fabulous fireplace!!

Canadian House and Home

Family and Friends

And of course, home is nothing if not to share 
with those nearest and dearest! 

We are continuing to think of all those 
affected by the storm - 
our thoughts and well wishes are 
with them and you! 

Christine xoxo

P.S. Boo!! Happy Halloween!

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