Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Portrait Perfect

Hello lovely readers!

I think I've alluded now a couple of times 
to my newest preoccupation with portraits. 

via Carolina Herrera

And not just any portraits, 
but in particular those of fabulous women - 
a glammy and chic sophisticate, a socialite perhaps, 
a lady of the manor, southern bell 
hostess extraordinaire-sort. 

via Julia Buckingham Edelmann

You get the idea.

And sure it would be great if it were of someone in my 
family lineage - a portrait tucked away somewhere in the 
attic - but pas nĂ©cessaire

Because therein lies the appeal - 
the element of the unknown, the mystique. 

These women all have an uncanny 
ability to inject into a space a sense of history, 
 tradition and presence and to help to create a 
space that feels layered and collected. 

Charlotte Moss has this down pat.

I adore her use of portrait-style art in her 
Manhattan office.

Charlotte Moss via HB

And this portrait of Eva Peron 
was, of course, a flea-market find!

Jonathan Adler Interiors

Jonathan Adler Interiors


And the mother of all portraits (literally in this case) 
is this one in Gloria Vanderbilt's Manhattan apartment. 

(Apparently, that is a cutout of her son Anderson Cooper??)

Gloria Vanderbilt

via Elle Decor
Another example of the brilliant use of 
portrait in Nanette Lepore's dressing room:

via Elle Decor
And I know that this is a repeat from a recent post, 
but I think it's worthy of a second visit!!

via House Beautiful

The fabulous socialite Nan Kemper in all her splendour!! 

I am so completely enamoured with 
this space largely on account of the portrait. 

It lends such a sense of presence to the room, no?! 

I know that art should not necessarily be matched 
to the rest of your interior, however, in this case 
the oranges work so beautifully together. 

And speaking of orange, as you may have seen in 
Sarah's post on Monday, some of our pieces have 
arrived, including this lovely orange duo!

They are vintage Baker and a nod to 
60's/70's style trad decor - exactly what I am looking for! 

Generally not a huge fan of orange, but I do love the 
fabric on these chairs. Unfortunately, they need to 
be reupholstered, and I know just the fabric: 

Jeffrey Bilhuber

I have long been an admirer of China Seas' Macao II, 
particularly in lilac, and love how it feels 
so similar in style to the current fabric.  

Am more than a bit excited that I have finally 
found somewhere to use it!!!

So off to the upholsterer I go at the same time 
as beginning my hunt for fabulous vintage portraits...

Will keep you posted on my finds!!

Hugs, Christine

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