Monday, 8 October 2012

Today, I am/we are thankful...

So so thankful we are on this Canadian Thanksgiving!

Such a busy but amazing weekend spending time with our families and especially with the kiddos. 

Gotta love country living, yesterday Sarah and I had our families out to the most fabulous little country market that's just around the corner from our places.

They sell produce from their farm as well as baked goods, flowers etc., and come Fall they have piles upon piles of pumpkins to climb and take home! 

My baby boy Jack!

Okay, well maybe not to climb (oops)!

Sarah with her boys (whom I adore!)

And this weekend to top it off, they quite literally polished off their entire tractor fleet, and parked it at the market for the kids to play on as well as bringing in some ponies for the kiddos to ride.

Me, Dahlia (Dally) and the pony

Hands down, my idea of the perfect Fall outing!

Today, Sarah and I are off to enjoy another day with our respective crews, 
but we will be back again tomorrow.

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends, and to everyone - THANK YOU!!

Warmly, Christine & Sarah xoxo

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