Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Fabric sale - our closet runneth over!!

In keeping with Operation Office Overhaul 
and the redo of (one of) the 219 offices, 
we are doing some closet cleaning!! 

I am a self-professed fabric addict, 
and my collection is taking over, 
so today, we are offering up a few 
of our fabrics for sale.

(Prices in Cdn $, but we'll gladly 
ship outside of Canada as well!)

David Hicks La Fiorentina in Black & White
6 yards avail

Madeline Weinrib Pink Stella
2 5 yard pieces avail

Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis
4 yards avail

Trina Turk Super Paradise in Driftwood
Just over 2.5 yards avail

Photo via the Designer's Attic

David Easton Porto in Tan on Off White
13 yards avail

Just send us a quick message if you're interested!


And so while realizing that this is slightly irrelevant, 
I'm also feeling compelled to share with you 
the cutie outfit that arrived in the mail 
yesterday for little Dal.

Floral Shift Dress via Gap
Scalloped Ballet Flats via Gap

Apart from it being all kinds of cute, 
there's just somethin'-somethin' about this dress 
that I'm loving, and I find myself secretly wishing 
that Dally was older and bigger and 
that she had outgrown her pretty little dress 
so that I could make it into a pillow!

Isn't the fabric amazing? 

Also, we're continuing to keep a close eye 
on the goings on at High Point 
and have started a dedicated board on Pinterest 
to save our "faves of the faves" :).

Check it out if you have a chance 
and let us know your fave pics 
all you style spotters out there!

And lastly, I leave you with 
this most fabulous of interiors that
I came across in the most recent 
issue of HB last night:

Portrait: Nam Kemper by Roger Peter

Absolutely adore this space and in particular 
the portrait. My inspiration for the day... 



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