Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Especially since having started the blog, 
we're coming across a lot of amazing interiors, 
but every now and again there's one that 
really leaves an impression. 

That one this week would be this 
stunning blush corridor:

via Vogue

Blush: check
Gold: check
Ebony: check
Herringbone floors: check check

A perfect 10.

This space is killing me! 

I'm just dying to peak around 
the corner to see the whole-lotta goodness 
that must surely lie beyond all those doors! 

In any case, so timely this pic, as I've lately 
been contemplating how the heck to 
deal with my own hallway.

This is the view of the hallway as you come 
in off of the mudroom:

It's not been touched since we moved in 
with the exception of the lone abstract facing the living room. 

Art: Jean-Francois Provost

The hallway is long, and there is a whole lotta wall. 
Great yes, but a bit of a challenge in terms 
of creating an interesting but unified space.  

The collection of gilted mirrors in the Vogue shot 
addresses this beautifully. Each piece is interesting 
enough in its own right, but overall 
the space gels - it feels cohesive.

As another alternative, I was also thinking of 
replacing the abstract with a collection 
of smaller mismatched canvases. 

I love the feel of these salon-style groupings:

via Elle Decor

Again, the common theme creates a sense of unity.

via Elle Decor

And again, while the frames are of different sizes 
and finishes, the art itself is in black and white.

And speaking of black, if I don't soon take a black brush 
to a wall somewhere in my home, I may perish... 

via Trad Home

(This may be dark blue, but you get the idea).

The interior passage doors are also standard 
builder supply, so I would also love to change them 
to something more architectural. 

Of course anything Regency-inspired would do...

via the Aestate
I digress, but isn't this hallway simply incredible? 
Art on this wall would simply be redundant!

Black Crow Studios

In any case, the hallway seems like a manageable little
undertaking. A little paint, a couple of new doors, 
and a great collection or art grouping 
(will rummage around to see what I have 
that I can use to keep it wallet friendly). 

Will definitely keep you posted on the progress!

On a completely separate and parting note, 
here is our most recent vintage find 
for the 219 Boutique that I'm not altogether 
sure we're going to be able to part with. 

Rococo-style mahogany chairs

Loooooooooove. Luv. Love. Heart.

Sarah and I were thinking about each taking 
one to re-style, but if it ain't broke, right? 

They are in pristine condition, 
and I'm all about the canary yellow these days!

As always, if you have any thoughts, would love to hear!

Christine xo

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