Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Operation Office Overhaul

So with the 219 Boutique soon to open (yippee!!), 
I'm thinking that an office overhaul 
is definitely in order!

These are some of the pieces I have in mind
some of which you might recognize 
from earlier posts. 

The ebony shelves and the desk are recent 
finds, and the faux bamboo shelving 
is already in place. 

The centre table I'll be using is 
one I've had since a wee girl growing up. 
It has so many memories!!, and I couldn't bear to 
part with it, so I'm going to re-use and 
skirt it in a fabric yet to be determined. 

With the big pieces chosen, I now need to go about 
figuring out the details, including fabrics, 
draperies etc. and have a couple of shots 
I've been using for inspiration.

First - loving the feel of this shot from Lonny!!  
A bit darker than what I had in mind, 
but I love all that's going on here 
- the layers of green, the leopard, 
the gold and the coral and orange accents.

via Lonny

I'm also totally feeling this Carleton Varney 
space from the Greenbrier. 

Again, love everything going on and how 
the elements all interplay 
- the big bold print, the ornate mirror, 
the layers of different shades of green 
and the pink and the red - 
love the pink and the red!!

Carleton Varney

So with that, this is what I'm thinking 
in terms of floor plan:
via Icovia

Thoughts friends? What do you think of the layout? 
Anything you'd change?

Will definitely keep you posted on 
Operation Office Overhaul 
in the coming weeks as things progress 
and will send you some shots of my work space 
in its current incarnation :).

And of course, at the same time as planning my 
office redo, I'm living vicariously through those 
luckies at High Point this week!! 

We've been carefully watching the 
"Style Spotters' picks" and will recap
 our faves on Friday. 

In the meantime, just wanted to post a couple of 
pieces that have caught my little eye ;):

Style Spotter Lisa Mendes
Selamat "Drapery Pendant"

Have always loved the drapery table and now 
ditto its beautiful cousin!

Also loving Stacy Naquin's pick:

Paragon Chest by Century

This is actually two chests put together 
to beautiful effect!!

A trip to High Point has definitely been added 
to the ol' bucket list right up there near the top :).

Kay off to figure out a hardwood floor 
install for a client. 

We're doing most of the ground floor in a 
site-finished ebony, and I think I'm almost as excited 
as my lovely client to see the end result!

Hugs, Christine

P.S. A couple of shots of the kiddos 
from the pumpkin patch this w/e:

This wee one is a going concern ;)!
I'm all about my red boots!!

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  1. LOVE your plan! I have the sister BB desk so obviously, high fives on that one:) And please tell me where that black pedestal is from- I need it!