Thursday, 11 October 2012

219 Boutique Countdown + Some Randoms

Sarah and I are busy busy over here preparing for 
the launch of the 219 Boutique website!!

Our pieces are continuing to arrive and next week 
we will be driving some sort of big ol' truck to go 
and pick up all of our vintage/antique pieces! 

Kay well maybe not this big...

The drive should be interesting (we'll be flipping 
to see who gets to drive :)), but we feel 
like two kids at Christmas at the thought 
of bringing home the "babies"!!

As well, we have a couple of projects for custom pieces 
underway, and we are EXCITED!! 
Will share more details as soon as we can!!

In the meantime, just wanted to share some of this week's 
wish list, including one of my personal favourites
 that we'll be carrying at the Boutique!

Knuckle Mirror

Just love this mirror
and how substantial it is - 42".

I am planning on using one for the eating area in my 

kitchen, which you will see at some point soon 
when I figure out my plans for the space.

Also, our fabulous Alison Brent salt & pepper pots arrived,
and they are gorge!

Here's a sneak preview:
Alison Brent - Jet S & P

Alison Brent - Blue & Gold Flock S & P

Other than that, we are of course continuing 
our perpetual search for all things inspiring, 
and here are a few things on my wish list for this week:

Peter Hoffer: Estate

If you've not seen one of Hoffer's pieces in 
person, they're pretty incredible. 
He uses thick coats of a glass-like resin 
to finish his pieces, and the effect is stunning!

I'm a bit palm-tree obsessed and so am finding 
this one particularly gawk-worthy :).

And speaking of palm, we received our Schumacher/
Decorator's Walk "Tropical Isle" this week 
from Shannon Darby over at the Designer's Attic.

Now the fun part - deciding where to use it!! 
A settee, fabulous high wing back, bench??

So many possibilities!!

Kay, back to the art.

This piece to me (and all of Aaron Slims' 
work for that matter)is just plain ol' 
magical and evokes all kinds of 
feelings of nostalgia.

Aaron Slims

And shifting gears a little but still in the realm of 
what I consider to be art, let's talk 
Tabarka Studio - creators of the most beautiful 
collection of hand crafted terracotta tiles!! 

A few examples:

Tabarka Studio: Mediterranean 9

Tabarka Studio
Tabarka Studio: Mediterranean 26
These tiles are hand painted and are available in the most amazing colours:

Definitely worth a browse if you have a chance:

And lastly, I've got kitchens on my mind, 
because our new counter-top, sink and faucets 
are finally being installed in the next couple 
of weeks, and I'm startin' to get excited!

This is the sink/faucet combo we selected:
Kohler Bakersfield Under Counter Sink

Deliberated like crazy over the single-basin sink 
and not sure if I'm going to live to regret it?

Perrin & Rowe Bridge Faucet

I think I will always be a sucker for the goose neck!!

Shopping for things for the house before we 
moved in was a real eye opener in terms 
of the deals to be had on the internet! 

Obviously "one" needs to be careful in doing their 
purchasing online as "one" learned the very hard way 
in ordering appliances - story for another day 
but suffice it to say that we were sans oven
 for several months - 
but overall a very wallet friendly experience. 

In any case, will post some shots once everything is installed.

With that I leave you to get back to your respective 
days and Sarah and me back to work on the Boutique.

Thanks for the visit!!
Christine xo


  1. LOVE that mirror! It would actually work perfectly in the same area in our house! Can't wait to see your shop! The pink chair that Christine is using for #projectscarlett is amazing!

  2. The mirror- SO good!!! Also, you know I'll be ordering up those S&P shakers and hello fabric goodness...can't wait to see what you do with it!