Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bedroom Plans: Take 1

Hello lovelies!

So after getting our new bed delivered this past week I haven't stopped dreaming about ideas for our bedroom, so I thought I'd do this post on my vision at the moment. 

The other day while browsing around I found this rug by Madeline Weinrib and it totally caught my eye.

Needless to say, I haven't stopped thinking about it since. Something about the mix of blushy coral, soft pink, and black & white just has me dreaming of possibilities!
As a reminder, this is what our bed looks like...

And here's what I've come up with so far...

As mentioned before, I'm obsessed with these bedside tables by Lawson Fenning and NEED them in this room. Luckily, my brother-in-law is great with wood and hopefully I'll be able to get him to make me something similar - or else I'll have to fork over the dough for the real deal. *OBSESSED*

Keeping my hubby in mind - since it's also his room and all - I thought some more masculine brass table lamps would be a great addition to the space.
I got a vintage chandelier off a local listings site for a crazy cheap price and I think it'll look perfect in this room. 

I am still on the lookout for a perfect pair of brass benches (or bench) to sit at the end of the bed and also a settee or set of vintage chairs to use for a seating area. 

...(Side note regarding lamps)...

If it were totally up to me, I might be choosing something a little more along the lines of this :)

But, I am a HUGE lover of all things shiny and brass so the brass ones are still completely perfect!

5. Vintage Chadelier

As always, this initial plan will probably change as the rooms comes together but it at least gets me excited to start putting it all together.


On another note, I stumbled upon the Etsy shop of artist Peggy Wolf...

and my personal favourite...

Stunning right?! Especially, if your totally into the crazy lady portrait thing!(We all I know I am if you've seen my JRS hit in my dining room). I definitely need to pick myself up one of these ASAP!



  1. That rug KILLS ME! Would you mind if I totally copied you one day when I do my room...which PS might be never at this rate since baby room and teenager room and a million other things always seem to come first...but...I ADORE that rug- absolutely love, love your plan. And yes, PW has been a favourite of mine for a while- adore her work!

    1. Oh my goodness, of course! Please do!! Isn't it fab? I can't believe I'd never seen it before with all that's out there in the Pinterest world, but I just LOVE it!

  2. I have the same bed and would LOVE to see how you style your room. I might steal the idea of the brass table lamps :)

  3. loving the rich Hollywood look Sarah! so bold and definitely exquisite!