Thursday, 4 October 2012

Stay Tuned!

Quick 219 Shop update! 

This coming week we are going to check out a shipment we're receiving for the store! We are very excited to get things up on our new site, and hoping that by the end of next week or shortly after we will be up and running. So definitely stay tuned as things will soon be happening around here!

As mentioned in our last two posts, our lives have been a little hectic for both Christine and I this week. Between sick kiddies and other prior engagements we've been super busy and totally slacking on some quality pretty! 


Here's a little collage of some spaces in my home. I'm hoping to do a little home reveal in the near future once I get a few things finished up. For now, here's a tiny glimpse to get things started...



  1. ONE word...OBSESSED! You and I have the exact same taste in art and you make me want to add in a bit more masculinity to what I've got going on- gorgeous.

  2. I can't wait for the full reveal! Loving the artwork :)