Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A Bathroom For Boys

Both my boys have the most plain bedrooms EVER! 
White walls, white sheers, wood floors - it's a sad, sad story...
 I was quite pregnant when we moved into our home so lots of design stuff got neglected. I've decided that I'm going to leave their rooms in the state that they are until they both are a little older and I get a feel for what I want to do - coming up with TWO boy plans isn't an easy task. 
However, they do share a bathroom that connects both their rooms and I've decided that this will be my room to overhaul. Let me tell you, my plan for this bathroom has enough colour to radiate off all of their white walls! 

The inspiration for this room was a piece of art that I bought a while back from Sarah Swanson.

It is the perfect mix of blues and greens 

These are two room plans that have been going through my head this past weekend


Idea #1

Paint:Mythic Paint (Par Three)/Towel:Missoni/Curtain:InterDesign/Sconces, Tray, Canister:Jonathan Adler/Fabric:Designers Guild/Art:Sarah Swanson/ Palm Art:Etsy/Blue Towels:Ikea

Yes, I want the walls bright green! I've been inspired by my "Green Envy" post to add some of this stunning colour in our home.

 I've been dying to use those Jonathan Adler sconces somewhere and I think I've found the right spot. The brass adds just enough glam to satisfy my feminine side :)

The wood is the colour of our cabinets - just plain flat natural maple doors - and the dark grey is the colour of quartz countertop we having going on. The floor tile (not pictured) is also a dark grey.

I really love the look of this Designers Guild fabric and think it would look awesome made into some form of window treatment.

Idea #2

Animal Clip Art:Etsy/Watercolor Art:Sarah Swanson/Lacquer Bath Accessories:Jonathan Adler/Fabric:Malakos Malachite

I came up with this second idea because I love the idea of layering green. Also because this fabric is substantially cheaper and I've been dying to use it somewhere!

I thought that choosing two of those adorable water creatures (from the collage in the bottom left) and making them into large individual silhouettes would add some kiddish charm to the more mature space.

Which of the two rooms is your favourite?

Am I crazy for dowsing the walls in super duper green?


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