Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Green With Envy

 I'm loving emerald green right now.

Sometimes I wonder if it should almost be considered a neutral. 

Is there really a color that it doesn't work well with?

Okay, that's an easy answer... but I've seen a lot of color combinations recently that include this glamorous shade and it almost always looks good!


Then again, what doesn't look good with leopard carpet! 
I really need to get some of this somewhere in my home as soon as humanly possible. 




This Louis has been added to my enormous purse wishlist. Actually, for once that list isn't very long - my husband is super happy about that!

Some more...


You definitely can't go wrong with this colour in textile form - as proven by the stunning green velvet chesterfield and malachite shades. 


And we can't forget natures lovely display of this hue as shown in Kelly Wearstlers beyond amazing garden.

I'm jealous, jealouuuussss 

Sorry in advance if this post is completely full of mistakes or really isn't that wonderful - I'm on night number two of a flu-filled toddler which equals about 2hrs of sleep in total.



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  1. Most importantly, sorry to hear about the toddler flu...so no fun:( On a happier note, yes please to the emerald...wanting a velvet sofa in it large! Oh and I hear you on the leopard rug...I want either my stairs lined in it or wall to wall in my bedroom- rawr.