Wednesday, 3 October 2012

On my mind...

Make that two little boys with the flu...

Not surprising since the boys are good buds, 
but that makes for two tired Mamas with posts to write, 
so in the spirit of keeping our collective sanity, 
this one's gonna be a shorty...

So other than my little kiddos, this is some of 
what's keeping me up at night:

1. Lighting 

Mazzega Four-Tiered Petal Chandelier via 1stdibs


2. Vintage Furniture Find

Regency-style Etagere

Was so excited to get this!!
Slated for my office to hold all my fave mags etc.
(Fell in love with the side profile.)

3. Accessory

Zeus Bust from Oly Studio

4. Fabric

Alan Campbell's Saya Gata in Pink Lines on Tint

For curtains or wallpaper (or both!)
for my girly's room.

Judy Cormier
I adore the feel of this space. 

5. Vignette

Celerie Kemble via Elle Decor

Wow - now we're talking!

6. Bathroom inspiration

CWB Architects
This bathroom has clever all over, and I'm smitten!

7. Floor Coverings

Of course, the zebra is a mainstay, 
but I'm finding this to be a welcome alternative.

8. Thanksgiving (Canadian)

But what should really be keeping me up at night 
is what and how the heck I'm gonna feed the guests 
coming over this weekend for Thanksgiving dinner - eeeks! 

Would love to know what you're thinking about these days 
(as well as any easy peasy holiday recipes)!

C. xo

P.S. And thanks ladies for your feedback on the Louis chair - looks like the KW is the winner!


  1. We so love the same things...I have a pair of chandys in my kitchen that look very similar to your lighting picture there and that bookcase of yours...insanity!!!

  2. Love that bathroom too, the tile floor is crazy amazing! For easy peasy Thanksgiving menu ideas check out my blog. I had to actually get my ass in gear this year because dinner is at my house! Have a nice long weekend.

  3. Lisa, I am completely inspired by your T/G menu and hope you had a fabulous meal and weekend! Christine